Thursday, 11 October 2018

Mulling things over

Sorry the blog has been rather quiet lately – I've spent two months travelling around Scotland and had very limited internet, so haven't kept up very well with what's going on.

I haven't done a great deal of writing either, but I'm thinking of setting a story on the Island of Mull (where these pictures were taken) so I can pretend the whole thing was research.

I've had emails, including some acceptances from Allas, My weekly, Fiction Feast and The Weekly News.

There was also news of a competition win and the request that editors keep hold of stories for possible inclusion in You (South Africa), The People's Friend and the My Weekly annual ... for 2021!

The trip has given me time to think about what I want from my writing. The rights issue with Woman's Weekly really dampened my enthusiasm for womag stories for a while.

Then one rainy day during the trip I was idly flicking through magazines in a shop and found one of my stories.

I realised I can't give up the way it feels to see my name in print and to know people are reading and enjoying stories I've written.

What's been happening with you whilst I've been away? Have you been writing? Do you have any sales or other news to report?


Niddy said...

Lovely to have you back, Patsy and well done on the acceptances.From the pictures it looks like you had a wonderful time and got some inspiration for new stories and that the news from WW didn't dampen your love of writing. I've just had my 2nd Pocket Novel rejected but Maggie has asked me to rewrite with the same plot but bringing the secondary characters to the fore which I am working on at the moment.Hopefully it will be a yes when I next submit.

Sharon Boothroyd said...

Good to have you back Patsy and I'm pleased you haven't given up womag writing. Are you sure it's not YOU in South Africa, and not Yours? Yours is a UK mag. They too, take all rights for a story.

carrie said...

Nice to have you back, Patsy and congrats on the acceptances. Your photos look amazing, so will look forward to reading stories set in such a beautiful location. I've had a few acceptances through, which I'm pleased about - especially my first acceptance with The People's Friend which was a real thrill!

Patsy said...

@ Niddy Thank you. Good luck with the rewrite.

@ Sharon. Thanks. Whoops, yes I did mean You and not Yours. I'll amend the post.

@ Carrie – Thank you. Congratulations on the acceptances. They're all good of course, but getting into a new (to us) magazine is extra special.

Penny A said...

Keep going, Patsy! I think doubts and pauses are a natural occurrence :-) As long as you enjoy your writing (and others do, too) that's an excellent reason to continue. Lovely photos of your holiday.

liz young said...

Love the colourful houses.

Anonymous said...

Very glad to have you back, Patsy. Can only agree that the WW rights issue really dampened my writing spirits, too. Thought you may be feeling the same, and had abandoned the writing world to seek solace in Scotland! All those acceptances waiting for you must have cheered your soul. Well done! Good wishes. Kate Hogan

ados123 said...

Nice to see you back, Patsy. Congratulations on the successes.

Sue Blackburn said...

Great to have you back Patsy and so glad you will continue your writing. I don't honestly think writing is a choice. I know I have hissy fits every so often and 'do other things' but I feel restless, like something is missing then! Losing yourself in your writing and wondering how on earth that amount of time can have passed :-) and then the thrill of an acceptance and the even greater thrill of seeing your story in print - well, there's nothing like it is there. I've had some acceptances whilst you've been away from Allas and PF so, as ever when that happens, I'm wheeeeeeeing all the place!! Wonderful photographs and I think any time away, in beautiful scenery is most definitely research ;-) xx

Sue Blackburn said...

PS - meant to say congratulations on the acceptances too :-) xx

Frances Garrood said...

You really are on a roll, Patsy. How in earth do you do it, with all your travelling? You must have enormous self discipline!

Patsy said...

@ Penny - You're right – it is natural for us to have times when we're less productive or positive.

@ Liz – I think it's the law that every visitor must photograph them.

@ Kate – The WW issue dampened (or drowned in some cases!) the enthusiasm of many writers, I think.

@ Alyson - thank you.

@ Sue - congratulations on your acceptances. I agree, the good far outways the bad and I couldn't give up writing entirely.

@ Frances – I had lots of stories I prepared earlier, so could keep submitting without having to do much actual work. Cunning, eh?