Sunday 16 December 2018

All the best

This blog is going to Take a Break as My Weekly time will be taken up with other things for a while. I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed and supported Womagwriter over the last year – by leaving comments, providing guest posts or information (even if it wasn't quite Weekly News ;-) ) or helping to publicise it. You People are my Friends!

(If anyone has womag related news (especially good news!) or would like to do a guest post which they feel will be of interest to readers of this blog, I'll still be happy to post them up – I just won't be actively searching for news and regularly checking all the info on here is up to date myself. My other writing blog will remain active.)

Allas, I can't guarantee it (That's Life! I suppose)  but I wish YOU success with your writing and hope that Yours will be a happy 2019. If you stay In the Moment and trust in Spirit and Destiny, it could happen.


Frances Garrood said...

Have a marvellous Christmas, Patsy. You deserve a break after all your hard work on the Womag blog. And thank you so much for your to her recent favour to me. Really appreciated. You know what I mean 😀

Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas, Patsy. xxx


Niddy said...

Thanks for all the hard work, Patsy, have a well deserved break and hope you return refreshed and ready to start again.

Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year, and of course, loads of acceptances in womag land.

Lindsay said...

Thanks for all the work you've done on behalf of womag and would-be-womag writers. It's beeen much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Very clever post, Patsy! Thank you for all your hard work on our behalf. Wishing you and yours all good things at Christmas and New Year. Kate Hogan.

Janice Sadler said...

Thank you for all your hard work, Patsy. I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a happy new year . Janice Sadler

Unknown said...

I echo the comments, thank you for all your hard work, Patsy, and wishing you a Happy Christmas.

Carolb said...

Very clever post Patsy.

A big thank you for all the hard work and time you put into the Womag blog.

Have a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year.x

Penny A said...

Dear Patsy,
Thank you for the blog - always worth reading. A Happy Christmas, and hope that your future projects turn out as you would wish!
Penny A.

ados123 said...

Thank you for the blog, Patsy. Merry Christmas to you!

Philip said...

Merry Christmas Patsy
I've just done the following review on your book:
The four authors are nearly famous. It depends on how you define famous but the all have a track record of published stories. Those in the book are entertaining and it was a good idea to get together and publish this volume. Good luck for future publications.

Patsy said...

@ Frances – you're very welcome.

@ JS – Thanks, you too!

@ Niddy – thank you. Hope you do too.

@ Lindasy – I'm pleased some people have found it useful.

@ Kate Hogan – Thank you!

@ Janice Sadler – Thanks!

@ Unknown – Thanks!

@ Carol – Thank you!

@ Penny – glad to hear the blog is still of interest.

@ ados 123 – Thanks – and you.

@ Philip – Thanks for taking the time to leave a review – that's much appreciated.

Fay Knowles said...

I love the way you've announced this, Patsy! Very clever, as always :-) Thanks for all your most helpful posts. I don't know how you managed to keep up with it all! I haven't been able to do much posting on my blog or Facebook page myself lately. Other things have just taken over. Life happens! Have a wonderful Christmas. Wishing you much continued writing success in 2019.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your very informative blog,Patsy, and for the opportunity to discuss ideas and developments, and for a sense of community with other writers. I hope you have a very merry Christmas and an excellent 2019.

Eirin Thompson said...

Oops. Didn't intend that to be anonymous. Those thanks and hopes were from Eirin Thompson.

lionsshare said...

Wishing you and all followers of the blog a happy Christmas and successful 2019!


Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas, everyone! Thanks for your help, Patsy.


Alan C. Williams said...

Wishing you and my fellow womagwriters all the best for the Festive Season, Patsy.
Your dedication to keeping us all up to date with this site is commendable. It was due to your encouragement (along with your predecessor Kath) that I've had some success in this field. This year I've had seven stories in That's Life plus three My Weekly novels all set in Australia. Christmas Down Under is currently on the shelves.
Many successes to all your readers in 2019. The womagwriter community is a lovely group of people and this site helps bring us all together.

Wendy said...

Merry Christmas, Pasty. Thank you for all the help and information you provide via this excellent blog.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Hope you and Gary have great Christmas, Patsy! Thanks for all the updates on here.

Patsy said...

@ Fay – I'm glad you liked it.

@ Erin – thank you!

@ Lionshare – thanks.

@ Angie – I'm pleased to think I've helped in some way.

@ Alan – well done! Three novels is very impressive.

@ Rosemary – Thank you. Happy Christmas to you and Simon.

Unknown said...

Many thanks Patsy. Writing is a pretty isolating way to spend time and the blog has helped enormously to make me feel part of a community.

Patsy said...

@ Sophie – That's a lovely ting to say as that's just how I hoped this blog would feel.

Amy M said...

Last year I returned to writing and have recently started submitting work. I've written an short story for a women's magazine and have found your blog very helpful - thank you! I'm going to read back through some older posts now. I'd like to submit my story to Take a Break Fiction Feast, but the print copy of the mag doesn't have a submissions email and I can't find one online. If you have it to hand, I'd really appreciate it, many thanks.

Patsy said...

@ Amy – sadly TAB currently only accept work from authors known to them.

To find the guidelines for any of the other magazines scroll down the page until you find 'magazine guidelines quick links' in the right hand column, and click on the title you're interested in.