Monday 21 October 2019

Woman's Way

Woman's Way is an Irish magazine currently open to submissions of fiction. 

Bad news first – They're not currently in a position to pay.

Slightly better news – They don't claim any rights over submissions, other than those required to publish the story in the magazine. It's also possible that they may consider stories which have been previously published. If you want to send something in that category, for which you retain rights, I suggest stating when and where it was published.

All stories must be in the 800-850 word range as they don't have the space for anything else. If you require more information on submission requirements then please contact the publication directly – there's a form for this here.

Woman's Way are currently running a Christmas story competition. There are some very nice, literary themed, prizes on offer for this. More details and entry form can be found here.


L said...

Thanks for sharing this info, Pasty.

Jackie Sayle said...

Thanks Patsy.

ados123 said...

Thanks Patsy. May have a go at the competition!

Geraldine Ryan said...

"In no position to pay,
It's Woman's Way."

Oh, the irony!

Maureen Brannigan said...

Thanks, Patsy. Norah Casey is still the CEO for most of the publications she sold to a New York company I think I'd like to ask Norah why they can't pay for submissions before I send anything to them. I will let you know. Maureen

THE US COMPANY behind the popular Irish Central website has acquired half a dozen Irish magazines from a business owned by well-known entrepreneur Norah Casey.

New York-based Irish Studio announced today that it has bought Irish Tatler, Irish Tatler Man, U magazine, FOOD&WINE magazine, Auto Ireland and Ireland of the Welcomes from Casey’s Harmonia.

Casey will continue to work on the brands as chairwoman emeritus, a normally honorary position for someone who previously headed up a company and is still associated with the business.

Her brother, Ciaran, will join Irish Studio “in an executive role” as the firm sets out a digital strategy for its new publications.

Harmonia has been one of Ireland’s largest publishers, selling millions of magazines a year through its various publications.

The company will retain ownership of its Woman’s Way and Planet Women businesses.

Casey is well-known for her role in founding Harmonia and for appearing as one of titular ‘dragons’ on RTÉ’s Dragons’ Den.

Maureen Brannigan said...

Woman's Way. I see now Patsy. The debts may have something to do with it. I won't send them anything for free. I don't mind if it is for a good cause but this just is not my cup of tea.
Cheers, Maureen

Nora Casey Has Sold Six Of Her Magazines To The Owner Of ... › harmonia-sells-six-magazines-to-us-buyer
Nov 20, 2017 - The most recent account filings for Harmonia Ltd are for 2015, when the company booked a profit of €523,000 and finished the year with net worth of €1.7m. Debtors amounted to €3.4m in December 2015 and liabilities totalled €1.9m. Year-end cash was €34,000 and the company had 44 people employed through 2015.

Sharon at A Quick Read said...

I forgot about their Xmas story comp. I'll check it out. Thanks Patsy.

Patsy said...

@ Linda, Jackie, Alyson and Sharon, I'm glad it's of interest.

@ Geraldine and Maureen – It is very disappointing that the magazine don't value the work of fiction writers enough to pay for the stories they publish.

Sharon at A Quick Read said...

Hi I had a story for this comp.
I've spent all afternoon getting it 800 words exactly.
The only problem is there's not enough spaces for the tel numbers on the entry form. The field will not allow you to type in the phone numbers, plus the area code, as there's not enough spaces provided.
When we tried to submit the form, it says error in the field, but it's actually their error, not mine.
Because of this, I'm unable to enter the comp.
I should imagine it will put off more writers too. What a pity!

Sharon at A Quick Read said...

I emailed the ed and the tel no section on the entry form has now been lengthened and amended.
Very quick work, many thanks Woman's Way!

Patsy said...

@ Sharon – thanks for reporting this and getting it sorted out.

Thanks to the editor too, for such a quick response.

Anonymous said...

I like this post, enjoyed this one thank you for posting.

Anonymous said...

Good post once again. I am looking forward for your next post=)