Monday, 19 October 2020

Changes at Woman's Weekly

In case you missed the news, reported in the comments to my last post (thank you, Chris!), Jane Kemp has taken over from Emma as fiction editor at Woman's Weekly. I've invited Jane onto the blog to explain exactly what she's looking for at the moment, and will let you know if there's any response. 

Sadly the Woman's Weekly Fiction Specials will finish with the December issue. Obviously that's a disappointment to those who write for that market, but it will impact on us all, as a shrinking market means greater competition. 

In an effort to cheer people up, my next post will contain LOTS of links to free to enter writing competitions.


Alan C. Williams said...

Thanks for letting us know Patsy and for keeping us up to date on changes. I might mention that That's Life are doing unpaid reprints in their mega monthly - which I'm sure you know. Also their Fast Fiction magazine has been revived with repeat stories in a similar inexpensive paper, monochrome format like TaB fiction Feast. No more glossy full colour photos.

ados123 said...

Gloom and doom everywhere! Shall look forward the competitions, Patsy. Thanks for all the info.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Bummer they won't take them anymore.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these updates, Patsy. I hope Jane Kemp responds positively to your invitation, as it would be great to get a current picture of what Woman's Weekly would like to see in fiction submissions. Eirin Thompson

Natalie Aguirre said...

Thanks for keeping us updated. Too bad for writers who write for them.

Patsy said...

@ Alan – Cutting costs seems better than going out of print. At least it shows they know their readers want fiction, and it gives hope they'll start buying again.

@ Alyson – I really wish I had some good news to blog about.

@ Alex – Yep.

@ Eirin – I think it would help both writers and editors if we all knew what the requirements were for each magazine. Some seem to be weirdly secretive on the matter!

@ Natalie – It's never good to hear of a market closing.

Lynn Love said...

Looking forward to your comps, Patsy. Any positives gratefully received