Wednesday 28 April 2021

Guest post from Womagwriter Sharon Boothroyd

Today I have a guest post by Sharon Boothroyd


It amazes me when writers say, 'I'm not on the closed lists, so I have limited places where I can send my work.' These mags all pay:

Ireland's Own - Max word count 2, 300 words. 

UPDATE: April 2021 – I've been told they are currently closed to subs due to a backlog (But I don't think this includes the children's fiction slot).

Woman's Weekly – 800 words – take all rights

Woman/ Woman's Own - 1, 800 words – take all rights

Fresh material is also appearing in the 'Best of' WW fiction special

The People's Friend and their special - various lengths from 1,000 to 4, 000.

They also publish poetry in their mags, and both fiction and poetry in their fireside book and in their annual

UPDATE: Unpublished TPF story writers can now email their work in.

The regular YOURS – max 1, 200 words. They also publish poetry in their letters page.

They publish an annual year book and need stories and poetry for this.

The YOURS fiction special – various lengths

Allas, a Swedish magazine – max 1, 500 words

YOU in South Africa - max 1, 500 words. They have 6 month periods when they close to subs.

Woman's World USA. They have an active FB page that focuses on fiction, and the fiction ed regularly posts call- outs for what they require. I think they take all rights.

Spirit and Destiny - take all rights but they are currently closed to subs due to a backlog.

Candis magazine - (Subscription only) will consider stories from published novelists. Whether this includes self- published ones, I don't know. Not sure of the length they require but they do pay.

Best run an ongoing themed short story competition that's free to enter and the writer keeps their rights.

Prima – 800 words. They take all rights to all entries in their ongoing competition.


Amateur Gardening magazine publish poetry in their letters page and pay £20 per published poem.

Reader's Digest pay for jokes and funny stories.

Letters, daft photos and top tips in most magazines pay a fee.

I hope this list will keep writers busy! Please contact the editors for more details.

(From Patsy – My guidelines database might be useful in finding out more details about each magazine, but it's always a good idea to read a recent issue.)


Bea Charles said...

Thanks for this, Sharon and Patsy. That is a lot of outlets. It’s good to be reminded of the many opportunities still available, albeit that some are ‘all rights’ so it pays to check the small print if that is an issue.

ados123 said...

Thank you, Patsy and Sharon. Always useful to be reminded... Shame about the all rights of course.

Patsy said...

Thanks, Sharon!

@ Bea – Yes, we should always check the terms and contracts and be sure we're clear about what rights we're giving up.

@ Alyson – It is, but good to see there are more possibilities than people might realise.

Bubble said...

Do woman's weekly only take 800-word stories now? I haven't subbed to them for ages, but they used to take longer ones.


Marguerite said...

Thank you, Sharon and Patsy :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Thanks Sharon. AC

Lindsay said...

I was pleased on Patsy's last post to learn that PF now accepted emailed subs (I'm in Australia) so just sent one in. Had a rejection with about 5 hours!!! (Maybe that means it was incredibly bad.) But I'll consider some of these other outlets too.

Patsy said...

@ Bubble – I'm a little confused about the whole Woman's Weekly situation! There now seem to be different magazines operated under different rules. The last I heard about the weekly mag was as Sharon has stated. If anyone has more recent info, please let me know! Sharon has shared the most up to date information she has, but things can change without us realising, especially if we don't regularly write for a particular title.

At one time Woman's Weekly were taking a variety of lengths, but the longer ones were usually for the Fiction Special. That mag stopped for a while, then got going reusing 'old' stories (reprints of those they'd bought before and according to our contracts could be used again) and now seems to be a mix of old and new. The submission process, and the terms, for the specials is now different from the weekly mag, with some writers being invited to submit rather than having open submissions.

Patsy said...

@ Marguerite and AC – Thanks for taking the time to let us know this kind of information is of interest to a few people at least.

@ Lindsay – Sorry about the rejection. Rather than being bad it was probably just unsuitable in some way. If you've not read the magazine recently then it might help to try and get hold of a couple of current issues and check your subject and tone is in line with the fiction they publish now. Length could be another problem. They tend to get more of the shorter word lengths, but as they use fewer of these they can get overstocked.

New girl on the block said...

I emailed Andrew Shaw at WW about story lengths etc, and here's his reply - hope that clarifies things a bit.

'I deal with fiction for Woman's Weekly, Woman's Own and Woman.

All 1800-word submissions are considered for all three magazines.

Woman and Woman's Own only have 1800-word stories (double page). Woman's Weekly has double and single (800 words).

The guidelines are the same, though all stories should be uplifting.'

Sue McV said...

Hi Patsy
Woman's Weekly seem to publish two stories per week, one 800 and the other 1800 words. I've had a few 1800 word ones accepted for the weekly and one I recently learned was to be published in an upcoming edition of the weekly with extra fiction. Hope that helps.

Patsy said...

@ New Girl and Sue – Thanks for the information. I did email Andrew and ask for the guidelines to share on here, but was ignored.