Saturday 23 October 2021

Yellow Room now not reopening

I've received the following message from Jo Derrick –  "I am afraid I have decided not to relaunch The Yellow Room Magazine after all. There are far too many obstacles and so few resources available. I had hoped to receive several subscriptions or orders by now, but only received four. This is in contrast to nearly fifty submissions. 

I'm very sorry to disappoint you and your blog followers."

Whilst I don't feel it's the job of writers alone to keep magazines running, it's worth remembering that if they're not supported then they won't be able to operate. If there's a particular magazine you really don't want to stop publishing you might like to consider buying a few issues, or perhaps buying a gift subscription for a friend or family member.


Sheelagh said...

That's a shame, I'm afraid I hadn't got around to either submitting or subscribing before I heard it was not going ahead. Not being quick of the mark I suppose I was relying on being able to buy a copy before subscribing for a fixed period. I am sorry to hear that news. I do tend to buy my fair share of such magazines though as much for research purposes (that's what I tell myself anyway) as anything & the more I buy, the more I enjoy!

Marguerite said...

It is a shame. Proper fiction versus 'celebrity' gossip - no contest, need I say more? (Don't get me started!) Again, I was not quick enough off the mark so, not helping on this occasion.

Lindsay said...

That is a shame, but I fully understand the problems in taking on such a venture.

Sharon boothroyd said...

The thing that irked me was that there was no website with all the info on, the submission requirements, the history of the mag, FAQ's etc.
If there had been one, urging people to subscribe, and this site was widely shared, then the subscription rate would probably have been higher.
Free websites are easy to obtain theses days.
I'm sorry to say this, and I don't want to sound mean, but there's no way that I would expect hundreds of subscriptions to flow in, after a very brief mention on 2 niche blogs, plus a brief mention on limited SM.
With the launch of any project, it's all about publicity and promotion. To me, this seemed pretty half- hearted, right from the start.
I was one of the writers who would have been happy with a free subscription if my work was selected, instead of payment. It's such a wasted opportunity!

Anonymous said...

Sorry things did't work out as you hoped, Jo. Good wishes.Kate Hogan.