Wednesday, 27 April 2022

It's all about the competition

Free to enter writing competition news

Thanks to Sharon for the following (posted in a comment) - the Best mag comp's next theme is Summer.

The closing date is 27th May. There's a max of 1, 200 words.
£500 for the winner, £200 for the 2 runner- ups.
It's free to enter and writers keep copyright.
Good luck to all who enter!

And thanks to Alyson Faye (who co-runs this site) for telling me about this poetry competition with the theme of water. It looks as though publication and publicity are the only prizes, but it's probably quite good publicity.

Alyson also told me about the Hengisbury Head writing competition. Unfortunately I can only find a link to last year's. It doesn't close until August so perhaps the details will be added to the website later. There is a flyer which states the competition is in its 8th year, with a new theme, and g
ives the same contact email as is shown on the website.

Reader's Digest have a 100 word competition with a £1,000 prize!

This novella competition offers publication and $1,000 dollars. They do want a lot more than 100 words, but there will probably be fewer entries than with the Reader's Digest one.

My competition news

A while ago I posted about a novel writing competition from Black Spring Press. Ive just heard I've been longlisted. Final results will be announced late this summer.

Womag News

Just in case you hadn't heard – The People's Friend staff are back in the office. Hopefully once they're settled that'll speed up response times. 

My other news

We'll be away in the van soon. It seems so long since we've done that for more than one night and I'm really looking forward to it. The views from the windows show our destination, but I'm not expecting anyone to recognise it.


Elizabeth McGinty said...

Well done Patsy on being long listed for novel comp, fingers crossed for you. Also thanks to you and others for sharing the competition opportunities, good luck to everyone who enters.

Maureen Brannigan said...

Great news Patsy on novel comp.

I just read about your trip to Ireland. Happy Anniversary! Can't wait to read about your adventures.

I'm quite jealous. Both sets of Great Grandparents are from Ulster and no matter how many times I go home to Scotland I've never made it across to Ireland. Terrible! And I love ferries. Full of good intentions but we have a big family and time just flies.

Can't wait to see your new 'do'.

As to names re comments, real names work well on writers' sites methinks.

Marguerite said...

Congrats on the longlisting, Patsy :) Best looks good and I will investigate the new brief for Hengistbury. STILL wading through Parsec... getting there... The picture? I think you're near the sea :)

Marian said...

Congratulations on the longlisting, Patsy.

Thank you for all the competition news. I'll be entering the Best story competition and I have already had a go at the Reader's Digest one. You're right, I bet they get a very large number of entries, but it's always fun to have a go!

Liz said...

Congrats on the longlisting, Patsy.

Lindsay said...

Congratulations for the novel on the long list. Fingers crossed.

Sheelagh said...

That's great info Patsy thanks & good luck with your novel. If that's Ireland you are headed for do call for a cuppa & we have almost 2 acres of gardens for you to ramble around - Ardagh Eco Gardens.

ados123 said...

Good luck with the longlisting, Patsy. Fingers crossed.

Eirin Thompson said...

Congratulations on being longlisted by Black Spring Press, Patsy! Hope you get more good news on this one.

ChrisC said...

Congratulations on the longlist Patsy. Will definitely enter the Best comp. Never been successful yet but there's always hope! I won the Hengistbury head comp last year so will give it another go this year too

Karen Baldwin said...

Your van journeys sound exciting. Have fun, rejevenate, and many happy adventures.

Geraldine Ryan said...

Can anyone provide me with the link to the Best short story competition, please? I can't find it anywhere!

Patsy said...

Thanks for your comments everyone. Sorry I'm not keeping up with replies very well - it's harder when I'm on the road.

@ Geraldine – They don't mention it online, only in the magazine. No doubt they hope potential entrants will buy a copy and I don't blame them for that. If you've got Readly you might find it, but there's not long left to enter.

Usually each new competition is announced when they publish the winners of the previous one. They do several each year.