Saturday, 24 September 2022

Over To You and some from me

Womag news

The People's Friend seem to be working through their backlog – I and others have recently received replies on work submitted two or more years ago. 

Do you have any womag news?

Are you researching, writing, subbing? Had any acceptances or rejections? Any other news?

Feel free to use the photo as a picture prompt. If you'd like other writing prompts, short exercises and story/scene suggestions then you might find this book useful.

Free entry writing competition news

I'd love to hear your competition news.

Do you have writing tips to share, questions to ask, or suggestions for this blog?

Here's some I've found –

Six Word Wonder are looking for entries of any type of writing as long as it's really short. The prize is $100. I'm definitely going to have a go.

ServiceScape want more words, but they're offering a bigger prize – $1,000. You can enter fiction or non fiction.

If you're an 'early career' writer who can produce 'new writing on innovation and experimentation in the moving image' you could try winning £500 with the Michael O'Pray Prize.

Publication opportunity news

Do you know of any markets (paid or unpaid) looking for submissions?

Here's one I've found –

Short Fiction magazine is a new publication looking for short stories and poetry. They don't pay for most submissions, but if your piece gets the most reader votes you'll receive a £1,000 prize.

Personally I think it would be better to divide that money between all contributors, but then I'm not a fan of popularity type contests (because I never win!)

Thanks to Marguerite who has passed on a link to this paying market for work connected with the moon, plus the news that Secret Attic is back!

My news

I'm doing a book marketing course. As part of that I've republished my small, free, short story collection Not A Drop To Drink. 

You'll be doing me a favour and make me happy if you download it from Amazon, Apple or one of the other places it's available.
You might even enjoy reading it! In that case leaving a review would be an even bigger favour – thanks to all those who've already done that.


ados123 said...

Thank you, Patsy. Remembered to look for and read the blog on Saturday :)

Liz said...

I've had a good few weeks - three short stories and a serial instalment accepted by The People's Friend, along with two successful feature pitches (I'll be researching and writing those features over the next few weeks), plus one of those odd acceptances by Woman's Weekly whereby they say you're free to submit elsewhere as they don't have a publishing slot for it right now. I don't usually submit to them because of the all rights issue, but I'm happy to leave this story there. I won't do anything else with it and currently have nowhere else to send it anyway.

I hope you're enjoying the marketing course, Patsy.

Marguerite said...

I have a lot 'out there' - mainly comps. I am delighted Secret Attic has returned :) - by the end of the month - short, longer fiction and 50 words. This one has just lost me: as they are insisting on a google sign up, but it's a sort of ethereal/spooky genre - until October 2nd. The theme is The Moon - small payment if published. Submitted two to Crowvus this week (Christmas spookies) and a summer to From the horse's mouth. A marketing course doesn't sound as interesting as a writing course but I expect it will have lots of benefits :) Congrats to Liz :)

Anonymous said...

Just had a story published in the September issue of Yours Fiction. I also received one of Woman’s Weekly’s semi acceptances (if that’s the term to give them).

Like Liz, I’m happy to let it lie for now as there isn’t really anywhere else to send it. I still have three out with YF, so would like to see if anything comes of them.

I liked the picture prompt, Patsy. I always think there’s something intriguing about a stone cottage.
Michael D

Sheelagh said...

Thanks Patsy for all the info, will give the 6 word stories a go, I love those from time to time. Congratulations to all those who have had acceptances & semi-acceptance of late. Left my laptop somewhere & won't be able to retrieve it until next Thursday so am having do make do with pen and paper to do any writing, I'd forgotten how peaceful & portable that can be & how much more I achieve when my access to technology is limited!

Sharon boothroyd said...

Oh has Secret Attic returned? Has anyone got a website address for it, please?
What about Lipstick and lies e-mag- is that back online too?
I had quite a lot of material earmarked for that project, and then it went under!

Marguerite said... nothing on Lipstick and Lies so far..., Sharon.

Sharon boothroyd said...

That's great. Many thanks Marguerite!

New girl on the block said...

Great news about Secret Attic. I love that website. I've got a story coming out in Spirit and Destiny this week.. it's been postponed twice so will be very pleased to see it in print at last!

Marian said...

Thank you very much Patsy. I'm definitely going to try the six word story!

Eirin Thompson said...

Congratulations to all those who have had work accepted and/or published! And best of luck to everyone who is entering competitions. I'm looking forward to 'The People's Friend' serial-writing workshop this week, where I hope to pick up lots of hints and tips, as I've yet to have a serial idea accepted and would love to do so. Anyone else in this group attending? I also received a couple of advance copies of my new thriller, 'Closing In', just before the weekend, and am super-excited about that - in a shameless bit of self-publicity can I mention that it features Christmas, an old flame and a BIG secret, comes with author name E.D. Thompson and is available for pre-order at £13.99 for trade paperback and £4.99 for Kindle. Publication day is 13th October. Thanks, Patsy!

Sheelagh said...

Look forward to reading it Eirin, love Christmas themed stories (Will keep it for Christmas). Good luck with the serial writing workshop, I'm concentrating on the shorter short stories myself, even as short as 6 words!

Patsy said...

@ Alyson – And I remembered to post! Maybe this will work out?

@ Liz – That was indeed a good week. Well done.

@ Marguerite – You've been busy! Thanks for the links – I'll add them to the post.

@ Michael – Congratulations on the acceptances.

@ Sheelagh – There are definitely plusses as well as minuses to having a break from technology.

@ Sharon – I hadn't realised they were back either!

@ New Girl – congratulations on the publication.

@ Marian – It's very tempting, isn't it?

@ Eirin – I was tempted by the serial workshop when I first heard about it, but then I remembered that it's taking years before my short stories are read and I lost enthusiasm. Rejections I can handle, but doing all that work and it never being considered isn't something I'm willing to put myself through.

Congratulations on the new novel!

Jenny Worstall said...

Great to know about Secret Attic. I can't find the submission email for the competitions (unless it is the same as the enquiry email?).

Marguerite said... for comps. The website has grown today with respect to a membership enquiry email as well: Jenny :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Marguerite! Very kind.

Jenny Worstall said...

Oops, that was Jenny Worstall. Didn't mean to be anon!

New girl on the block said...

I've just entered the rejected poetry competition you told us about on the blog ....

Patsy said...

@ Jenny - Yes it is (but after seeing the results I know you've already found that out.)

@ Marguerite – thanks for confirming that.

@ New Girl – Good luck!