Saturday 19 November 2022

Over To You

Do you have any
 womag news?

Any other writing news? Are you researching, writing, subbing? Had any acceptances or rejections? Any other news?

Feel free to use these photos as picture prompts. If you'd like other writing prompts, short exercises and story/scene suggestions then you might find this book useful.

Free entry writing competition news

I'd love to hear your competition news.

Do you have writing tips to share, questions to ask, or suggestions for this blog?

My news

As I said in my last post, my travels are making it difficult to keep up with this blog, so you won't see much from me here until I'm home next month.  

The photos might not be much of an excuse, but they're the best I can do! If you'd like to chat and/or see even more photos then pop over to the blog on my website.

I'm taking part in a book fair in Newbury on 3rd December. Do come and say hello if you're in the area - no obligation to buy.


Elizabeth McGinty said...

No news Patsy but entering loads of comps.

Love the photos especially the trees bent and shaped by the winds, there's a lesson if not a story in that one.

Hope all is well on your travels, and with all the readers and contributors of this blog.

Take care

Sharon boothroyd said...

Has anyone entered the Beagle comp - named Q3 2022, with the theme of falling?
I entered in August and the results were supposed to be announced in October.
I've emailed but I haven't received a reply.
I wondered if anyone else had entered and were waiting for the results.
Elsewhere, a writer has mentioned the Prima Lisa Jewell mag comp. There hasn't been any results for that either, and despite chasing, Prima haven't replied.

Marguerite said...

I love the atmospheric ruins one :) definitely a story in that. It is irritating if they give no indication of when results are due, Sharon. Sorry, did not pursue those but did send my love letter to London - all about the South East parks. I also sent one (not a love letter!) to WW - aware of rights issue but... not getting on that fast and in the end you have to match your age with what is achievable :( Once more managed to be selected for all three categories of Secret Attic :) Continue to enjoy your travels, Patsy!

Sharon boothroyd said...

It's 4 months for decisions from WW.
You only hear if it's an acceptance.
If you don't hear after that time has passed, sadly, it's a no. Or a re-marketing opportunity!
The womag market is getting narrower - we've lost the English translator at Allas and YOU in South Africa have stopped publishing fiction.
I've stopped subbing to Stylist mag as I don't know anyone who has had their work accepted there. It seemed unlikely that they wanted commercial fiction.

Sheelagh said...

Great photos as usual Patsy. Hopefully you are getting lots of writing time in there.I'm afraid I have no news to report(other than a rare trip to London coming up shortly!), no recent acceptances as I've very little out there at the moment (I think perhaps I need to invest in a camper van and take myself off to Scotland). I did enter the Best competition though so was pleased with myself for making that deadline at least.
Well done Marguerite on getting selected for all three categories of Secret Attic - I don't really know anything about Secret Attic, I'm intrigued, I must investigate. Definitely need some new outlets as it becomes a bit disheartening to send more stories out when you have several accepted but unpublished for long periods of time.
@Sharon, yes I entered that 'Falling' competition and no I have heard nothing so far. I had actually forgotten about that one. Lets know if you hear anything anon.

Liz said...

Great photos, Patsy. Enjoy your travels.

I've had a couple of sales to PF, and have also been doing some research for potential new convict constable long crime reads for PF while on holiday in Tasmania. I haven't written many stories this year, but our Tasmania trip has reinvigorated me in lots of ways. (2022 has been more challenging personally than either 2020 or 2021.) Hopefully 2023 will be a better writing year.

ados123 said...

I've also had some sales to TPF last week. I've submitted to Globe Soup's competitions - they are fun and challenging and completely un'womag'-like for the most part.
Not much else to report.
Enjoy your travels, Patsy.

Lindsay said...

I haven't entered any competitions for ages and have become quite disheartened with competitions or publications asking for submissions but not letting people know if they've not been selected. I sent something off to a litmag, and while I wasn't surprised not to be selected, it annoyed me that after having said they'd let everyone know whether they had been chosen or not by a given date, they did not. It also meant I missed a deadline for another possible submission for that piece. I did have a family history piece published here in Australia - but no payment! I do appreciate the free comps you post because I haven't had any winnings for ages to pay submission fees!

Fiona said...

I finally sent off another story to PF. I also asked to withdraw one of my three summer stories that they still have as it was definitely set this year. Assume my email arrived as no reply and reluctant to query as last time I was told not to expect an acknowledgment.

Like Alyson, I’m enjoying Globe Soup competitions and I’m still buzzing from Bristol University Secret Life of Data awards ceremony where I received a giant cheque - yes, like the lottery winners! - when my short story took second prize (£500 so huge thanks to Patsy for listing this free competition on here.) Alyson’s story is also in the anthology and was my favourite. Have to admit it was also one of the few that I could really understand as I’m not really a data person.

I’m with Lindsay on hating when you submit to a lit mag and there’s no ‘closure’. I sent a story to Northern Gravy, which Patsy mentioned a few weeks ago, and made it to the shortlist but no further. However, I got a really great rejection email and some valuable feedback on my story so would definitely send to them again.
Happy travels Patsy!

ados123 said...

@Fiona. Congratulations on the win with Secret Life of Data - I posted this one to Patsy so glad someone got somewhere with it. I haven't received my copies of the anthology yet - currently away from home - so I haven't read them but thank you for your kind words about my story. It was written for something else and sent on the off chance as I had no idea what they wanted...
Will look forward to reading the winners when I get home!

New girl on the block said...

I've had another speedy 'no' from TPF. Also submitted to Northern Gravy and Globe Soup - no luck, but will try both again. I had a short story selected for Secret Attic.

Marian said...

Very quiet for me at the moment, although I have got a lot submitted. I have got other stories ready to submit, so will keep my fingers crossed for those.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on those with acceptances. Nothing to report… no acceptances or rejections in months. Just so quiet out there. Concentrating on getting my debut novel finished as can’t see a future in writing for woman magazines anymore sadly. Charlie.

Fiona said...

@Alyson - thanks so much for sharing the comp details with Patsy!

ChrisC said...

Had an acceptance from My Weekly and a sale to TPF. Not had time to enter many competitions lately, been concentrating on womag subs. Hopefully get back into doing some comps soon. Thanks for all the info you post Patsy.

Eirin Thompson said...

Wonderful photos, Patsy! Thanks for sharing. I have a number of Christmas stories in magazines just now, which always gives me a special boost. Plus I've let three people see my latest WIP (novel) and initial responses are encouraging, although one person seems to have missed the twist completely, so I need to decide whether that's down to her or me! Best wishes to all with your writing.

Lindsay said...

@ Fiona - congratulations on your win. And thanks for letting us know about Northern Gravy - good to know which places give helpful rejections etc.

Anonymous said...

I like the photos you’ve included in your recent blogs, Patsy. Castles, stone towers, woods and the like always seem to provide a good backdrop for a possible story. I received an acceptance from Woman’s Weekly yesterday for a story that they’ve had on file since August to be published next February, so a fairly quick turnaround. I also have stories out with Yours, but have obviously missed out on a Christmas story I had with them. Looking at it again with a critical head, I have to admit it maybe a bit controversial, even though I think it’s good. But I already know how I can alter the plot, so maybe next year...?

Happy writing, everybody.

Michael D

Jacqueline Pye said...

Hi Patsy - you invited me to let you know when our son's debut thriller is published - it's today! (while you are at an event). Jez gave up his teaching career to write it, top five in earlier Daily Mail/Random House debut novel comp, longlisted for debut Bath Award + best of Longlistees prize, then an agent and eventually published by Joffe books, shortlisted for best indie publisher. You can tell how proud I am! The Deptford Murder is published today for Kindle at 99p, with paperback to follow - Jez is now a full-time university post-grad English lecturer but now starting edits for book 2 as part of a 3-book contract.

Sharon boothroyd said...

Update 4 Dec - the results of the Beagle comp are now on their website.
It looks like it's around a 3 month wait time there for results of their competitions to be announced.

Sheelagh said...

Well done Patsy on making the Anthology list for the Beagle North competition, look forward to reading it. I hope your event in the library went well on Saturday & that you sold lots. I'm just back from a lovely weekend in London which included the launch of the Bridgehouse Publishing 'Evergreen' Anthology, it was so lovely to be there and meet lots of fellow contributors & of course enjoy some of the delights of London.

Patsy said...

@ Elizabeth – You're right about there being a lesson there. I do sometimes feel I'm trying to grow in the wrong direction!

@ Sharon – It's so frustrating when these things take much longer than advertised, isn't it. Well done on (finally) having your entry selected for the anthology.

I've given up wit Stylist too. I've never had any response to queries or submissions and as far as I can recall haven't heard from anyone else who has either.

@ Marguerite – Well done for your successes. It's up to you which rights you give up – I just want people to be aware of the implications and make an informed choice which they're happy with.

@ Sheelagh – I didn't spend a lot of time actually writing, but all the walking meant plenty of thinking time, so I still reckon a campervan is VITAL!

@ Liz – Research is a very important part of writing, especially longer works. I hope 2023 is a great year for you.

Patsy said...

@ Alyson - Well done for the sales - and I agree it's good to do some unwomaggy stuff for a change.

@ Lindsay – The lack of responses from competitions and magazines is indeed very disheartening. I've stopped sending to some places as after months, sometimes years, my work still hasn't been read and considered, so writing more is utterly pointless.

@ Fiona – I was really impressed to learn anyone had managed to come up with an entry for that competition - winning it is amazing. I feel really pleased to have played a tiny part in helping that happen.

@ New Girl – Bad luck on the no. I'm glad you got a reply though - I feel that never hearing back is more demoralising than a rejection.

@ Marian – Keeping on writing and submitting is pretty much the only possible route to success.

Patsy said...

@ Charlie – The opportunities for womagwriters are far fewer than they were, but I think (hope) there will continue to be some. Good luck with the novel.

@ Chris – Congratulations!

@ Eirin – Well done for the publications and best of luck with the novel.

@ Michael – Well done for the acceptance. I hope you get another for a castle story!

@ Jacqueline – Wow! I'm not surprised you're proud. Congratulations to Jez.