Friday 24 January 2020

How to find magazine submission guidelines, or anything else on this blog.

I sometimes get emails and messages asking for information that's already available on this blog. I'm hoping this post will save people the trouble of asking, and my time in replying!

In order to view the guidelines for any magazine featured on Womagwriter, scroll down the page until you see 'magazine guidelines - quick links' in the right hand column, and click on the title you're interested in. 

You can opt to see relevent posts in date order, which should help ensure you're looking at the latest information. Don't forget to read the comments too, if there are any, as these my provide further information and updates.

You can also use the 'search this blog' facility and look for 'guidelines' or anything else you're interested in.

Alternatively, find any post mentioning the magazine (or subject) you're interested in and click on the link below the post. That will bring up all posts with the same tag.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Adding this to the IWSG site today!

Linda CASPER said...

Thanks Patsy. You are always so generous in sharing your information.

Patsy said...

@ Alex – thanks, I appreciate it.

@ Linda – Thank you. I try to be helpful, but prefer not to spend all day doing it.

Jane said...

I love writing poems, does any of the women mags accept poems?

Patsy said...

@ Jane - a few do, but often they're not a regular feature. You might be better off sending them to the letters page. You could also consider doing the same with any appropriate special interest magazines, such as gardening, crafts, pets etc.

Sandra said...

Did anyone enter the Crowvus Ghost Competition? According to the website, I've won first place, yet no-one's contacted me and my polite enquiry email has been ignored. As for the £100 prize money ... Interestingly, Crowvus is based in Caithness, yet their email originates from California. Spooky.

Sandra Morgan

Sandra said...

Re my foregoing on Crowvus. I've been contacted with a lovely email. Must have more patience!