Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Hjemmet - update

Thanks to the Kath who replied to my last post about Hjemmet magazine to say she'd had a reply to her query and learned "Our short stories usually are approx. 3 000 words and romantic- or suspense stories. We don’t have any written guidelines, but if you send me something you have written I give you feedback when I have read it. You can send it to sara.hemmel (at) egmont.se." 

Thanks also to Elaine Chong who contacted Kari.bjornstad (at) egmont.com last week and was told (in Danish) they want crime or romance stories of between 2,500 and 3,000 words.

Two fiction editors with slightly different requirements and different addresses? Seems almost as though there are two different magazines, doesn't it? Actually there aren't, there are three! I did have three different sets of different info at one time, but thought they were three editions of the same magazine and a few things had got lost in translation (see the Allas post for how that might happen!) The address I had for the Norwegian magazine was also for a Kari but no longer seems to work. Last I heard they wanted 3,000 word, romance or crime stories.

There's a big snag though. Kari Bjornstad informs me they can only buy from "from pesons who have their own registered company with a VAT no." I don't - do you?


  1. How confusing! At last we've got to the bottom of it. I have sold to Kari - but years ago. Sadly I am not VAT registered. So another one bites the dust.

  2. Another issue to deal with, sadly, but it's good to know about other opportunities.

  3. VAT registered - oh how I wish I was even near that type of earnings

  4. I expect that cuts out many writers, Patsy, which suggests some translation problem again. Is it possible they only buy from Agents? Thanks for info.

    good wishes KH

  5. The requirement does seem very odd. Other Scandinavian companies require a tax number before they will pay (not just writers - my husband has the same thing with his business) but they've accepted a NI number.

    I've asked Hjemmet if our UK tax or National insurance numbers will work instead, but it seems not.

  6. Hi Patsy, thanks for all the info and thanks for asking Hjemmet if our tax or NI numbers will suffice. I wonder how we writers get a tax number? I actually jumped through hoops and almost a year of applications before I achieved getting an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) in order to be exempt of US tax withholding. I'm wondering if it is a similar thing or is it most definitely a Vat registration they're looking for? Do Allas not require one? Thanks. Good wishes KH


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