Sunday, 26 April 2015

You (South Africa)

The guidelines for YOU magazine are here. They want 1,500 word stories which are suitable for male and female readers in a large age range.

They're a South African magazine so it might be a good idea not to set too many stories in the UK. Consider changing place names and the currency. I can't promise that will help, but it's something to think about.

Some stories are like the sun - they can be set anywhere. (Sorry - but I got up really early to take that picture so want to make use of it)

I do know YOU will accept work from British authors as they've just bought one of mine. They pay by electronic transfer which makes things easy.

Have YOU ever subbed to them? Any luck?


Keith Havers said...

I've tried them before but had no reply. Might be time to give them another go.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Patsy. I've not had a response from them in the past but will try again. Thanks again. Good wishes KH

Geraldine Ryan said...


Do you send stories already published? And how much do they pay? It's the wrong length for me as stories I sell to WW are either 1000 or 2000. And the ones I sell to Fiction Feast tend to be very long.

Colette McCormick said...

Love the picture. I've never managed to get a reply from YOU before but I'll give them another go.

Anonymous said...

Living in Africa I have access to YOU magazine. Stories do not have to be set in Africa- in fact a lot of their writers live overseas.

If they like your story you'll get a response within a few weeks.

I've seen a few reprints in the magazine.

From my own observation most of the stories I've read in YOU Magazine have:

1. A strong,analytic and humorous voice
2. A twist in the tale
4. A woman as a main character

Patsy said...

A response only if the story is to be used, seems the norm with this magazine. Any acceptances that do come tend to be fairly quick, so I think after six months you'd be safe to submit elsewhere.

@ Geraldine, I belive reprints are still OK. The pay rate is in the guidelines (if you type currency conversion into Google you'll get a rough idea, but it could go up or down by the time payment is made)

Anonymous, thanks for the additional info. That's really useful.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks, Patsy - think I've only submitted once years ago and they didn't buy it!

Chandrika Shubham said...

Beautiful photo. :)
Thanks for sharing about YOU magazine! :)