Sunday, 29 January 2017

Mills and Boon

OK, so Mills and Boon aren't actually magazine publishers, but I think it's fair to describe their stories as being aimed largely at women - and this competition is being run by a womag publisher. Will you let me off?

To enter you need to send your novel's outline and first chapter by the end of March. There's lots of advice about what they're looking for on the website. The winner will get £500, publication of their book, a session with an editor, books and publicity.

(If you're interested in other writing competitions, see this blog. Details of new, free to enter writing competitions are posted every few days.)

Does signing the wedding registration certificate count as romantic writing?


  1. I will definitely let you off Patsy, Prima is a woman's magazine. I haven't been entering competitions but this post has sparked a few ideas. Thank you for the info.
    Lovely photo - I think anything wedding is romantic.

  2. Hi, Patsy. I was considering entering this, but I wondered: would the winner get royalties or any kind of financial reward from the book being published by M&B, or is it just the £500 and the chance to bask in the glory of being published? Someone in my writing group pointed out that it seems like a lot of work, 50,000 words for £500.


  3. Hi, Verity. Sorry, I'm not absolutely sure how Mills and Boon pay their authors.


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