Friday, 27 January 2017

Woman's Weekly update

The editorial staff at Woman's Weekly have moved offices. If you usually submit by email then there's no change (although responses do seem to be a little slower, presumably as a result of this).

The address for postal submissions is now - 

Gaynor Davies
Fiction Department
Woman’s Weekly
Time Inc (UK)
161 Marsh Wall
E14 9AP

Other than that, the guidelines remain the same (so much so they still show the old address!)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the details, Patsy. Might try a story with them soon.

Jan Baynham said...

Thank you for the info., Patsy.

Joan said...

Patsy, thanks for this info, but when I clicked on the guidelines it said NO EMAIL
IS email submission restricted? If not, what is the email we can use--since I am in USA, email is much much more convenient.
Joan Leotta

Patsy said...

@Joan - Once you've sold a story to WW you can sub to them via email, but not until then.

Eunice Mussage said...

Thank you for the update Patsy

Eunice Mussage said...

Thank you for the update Patsy

Joan said...

Thanks for the clarification!

Teffy Wrightson said...

If you submit by post will they not respond to an email address? I did not enclose an SAE as I did not want the story returned but I gave an email address.