Monday, 9 October 2017

Magazine Fillers

Carol Bevitt has some useful advice for anyone interested in writing 'fillers' for magazines.

Amongst other things, she mentions replying to Facebook questions from magazines. I did that once and got paid after my answer (on whether people meant and kept their wedding vows) was published.


  1. Once? Why only once Patsy?
    I've had tons of fillers published!
    Now I'm getting more stories accepted, I've dropped the fillers a bit, but I still sub the odd letter or poem.
    It's a great way to boost earnings and get into print, plus payment is usually pretty prompt too.

  2. So much so that I once even brought out a little 'how to' book on the subject. I know we're not allowed to advertise on this site, but some of you might remember and have found it useful.

  3. Thanks. I keep meaning to try something like this.

  4. @ Sharon, It was just once for the replying on Facebook thing. I've written in more times than that.

    @ Maggie - I remember - in fact there's a post on here somewhere, about your book.

    @ Jo - go for it.

  5. Thanks for the mention, Patsy.

    Agree with Sharon & Maggie. Good luck Jo. :-)


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