Thursday 26 October 2017

Magazines which accept unsolicited fiction submissions

I've seen a lot of comments, particularly on social media, suggesting the majority of magazines no longer accept submissions from writers who've not previously been published with them. It's true of only three publications - Woman's Weekly, My Weekly and Take A Break. The rest will, currently, still accept unsolicited submissions.

The ones I know of are -

The People's Friend
Allas (Sweden)
That's Life (Australia)
Spirit and Destiny
Prima (via a free to enter competition)
Your Cat
In the Moment
Ireland's Own
You (South Africa)
Woman's World (USA)
The Weekly News

All of these are experiencing high levels of submissions. If this continues, especially if they recieve large numbers of clearly unsuitable stories (either because the author hasn't checked what's required in terms of subject and word length, or has dashed off something without properly editing it) then it's likely some will have to bring in restrictions. Submitting something they can't use wastes everyone's time. Sorry if I'm sounding a bit grumpy about this issue - it'll be beacause I am.

For help finding the magazine guidelines, click here.

If you know of any other magazines which publish fiction, and will consider submissions, please let me know.


Julia said...

Thanks, Patsy. This is really helpful. Julia W

carrie said...

Thanks Patsy.

Kitty said...

Is this the feedback you're getting, Patsy? That people are sending in stories that are unsuitable or not edited properly?

Tassie Devil said...

Thanks for this Patsy. You've included some sage advice about overwhelming our potential or current markets too. Whilst people like yourself are still able to send to other more selective magazines with a closed door for just anyone to sub, I appreciate you looking out for everyone's best interests.

Charlie said...

Hi patsy, can you tell me what magazines are still accepting unsolicited stories? I am aware of people’s friend and yours fiction ( sent stories to both of these) just wondered if anymore worth a try? Thanks

Patsy said...

@ Charlie – Ireland's Own, Allas, Spirit and Destiny, Your Cat and Woman's World do, YOU normally does, but not open to submissions until the summer. You can also try Prima's monthly competition – which is really just fiction submission in a different format.