Monday, 22 January 2018

A first for me!

After years of trying, I've finally had a story accepted for The People's Friend!

I first sent them something in 2004. Since then I've been accepted by 11 other UK magazines (some of which sadly no longer publish fiction) and temporarily given up with TPF on several occasions. Persistence pays though and I knew I could write, so I took another look at what they wanted and tried again.

Eventually I was contacted by one of the editors. He said he liked my story, but it wasn't quite right for TPF and suggested a few changes. Of course I agreed to try (I'm stubborn, not daft). The amended story was forwarded up the editorial chain – The People's Friend have a rigorous selection process to ensure the published stories are right for their readership.

Rewriting that story, and feedback my helpful and supportive editor has given me since, have helped me gain a better understanding of what makes a TPF story, so I'm hopeful of more acceptances in the future.

Now I'm an expert on the subject ;-) here are my tips for getting a story accepted for The People's Friend...

1) Read the magazine to get a feel for what they want (current issues, not ones you found in Granny's attic.)

2) Read the guidelines. (They're on this blog - see the 'magazine guidelines' tab above if unsure how to search for them. )

3) Follow the guidelines!

4) Check fiction editor Shirley's blog, for the latest requirements. Sometimes they'll want stories of a particular type, or be over stocked with those of a certain word length.

5) Write, or at least edit, something just for this market.

6) Act on any feedback or suggestions you may receive from one of the editors.

6) Don't give up.


  1. I knew you'd do it in the end - well done Patsy

  2. Congratulations, Patsy! The editors are a lovely bunch at TPF too. And Shirley posts a story starter each week to give you some inspiration - doesn't mean your story will be accepted but its fun to try.

  3. Congratulations Patsy. It took me years of trying to get accepted with PF and with TAB FF (managed it just before they made THE LIST! of which I am not a member :-(

    But now I'm the same with Woman's Weekly. Just cannot crack their code. But I'll not give up. I never did with PF or TAB and it paid off.

    But well done you. So pleased for you.It's a wonderful feeling when you crack a new market. And PF are fabulous to deal with xx

  4. I just wanted to thank you for this valuable information. It gave me the confidence I needed to know that starting a blog was actually feasible and the information to actually go through with it. I don’t know what I would have done without you! Thank you business magazine

  5. Congratulations on your story, and on never giving up.

  6. Congratulations Patsy! Just goes to show, never give up and keep trying :)

  7. Many congratulations, Patsy! This is wonderful. You worked so hard towards acceptance in TPF. Just shows hard work and perseverance pays off and this is most encouraging to the rest of us. Of course, you also have the writing talent and are spot on with your submissions to women's magazines. This plays a big part as well. Thank you so much for the tips on trying to get published by TPF. Most kind of you to share.

  8. Congratulations. This isn't a market I'm interested in but your story about perseverance is relevant and very inspiring, Patsy!

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  9. Congratulations Patsy. A great example of perseverance paying off. Thanks for sharing your tips. You have inspired me to keep trying to write for People's Friend.

  10. Thanks, everyone!

    Stubborness isn't always a good thing, but when it comes to writing it's often an asset.

  11. Well done, Patsy! Now, if I could just crack Women's Weekly...!!!

  12. Well done, Patsy. That's a lovely way to start January!


  13. It's wonderful to achieve a goal you've set yourself, especially if it's been a long time coming. Now they know you, Patsy, I'm sure it will be easier to get something else approved by them.


  14. Brilliant - well done, Patsy! They are so difficult to pitch just right. I had a couple published there years ago and I've met and listened to Shirley a few times at our Scottish conference but I still had a couple rejected last time I tried!

  15. Well done, Patsy. Nice start to the New Year, getting an acceptance, which you've worked hard for! Wishing you many of 'em!
    Good wishes Kate Hogan

  16. Congratulations, Patsy! I am so happy for you.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. And the author is putting it back again! (Always wondered what happened if I pressed 'delete' and now I know!
    Welcome to the Peeps Amigo club, Tosh. Persistence pays - now where have I heard THAT before?!!


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