Monday, 15 January 2018

Your Go

Each month I'll be making a posting just like this one, so blog readers can ask any questions*, share any womag news, tips, advice they may have, or make womag related comments or observations.

*If you can answer these, please do.


Georgie Faye said...

Hi Patsy, tried to post this yesterday but it seems to have disappeared.

Firstly, thank you as always for your blog, which is very informative.

Secondly, is there an update on Take a Break Fiction Feast? I'm not sure if they are only taking submissions from those on a specified list or if they are open to all again.
Thanks in advance.

Patsy said...

Thanks, Georgie. I'm glad you find the blog useful.

So far I've not heard about any change with TAB about the submissions policy. They may open up again in the future – but personally I'm not expecting that to happen very soon.

Georgie Faye said...

Thanks Patsy.

Anonymous said...

Is there an etiquette when it comes to womag writing? For example: If you have had stories published by one magazine, do you need to send all your stories to them for first refusal? Regardless of whether you think it's suitable for that particular publication or not.

Patsy said...

Hi, Anonymous.

No, you wouldn't be expected to do that. If you think a story will suit a market you've previously sold to, it makes sense to send it there rather than somewhere which hasn't published you, as you know they like your style, but you're under absolutely no obligation.

If a story isn't really suitable for a publication then you're wasting everyone's time sending it in.

Anonymous said...

That's good to know, Thanks.