Friday, 25 May 2018

Remember To Write

Remember To Write is the title of my story in the current issue of The People's Friend. (If you'd like to write for this magazine, click here 
for the guidelines and on their name just below this post for more information.) The setting for my story is a writing workshop. I'm co presenting one of those in Devon next March and making arrangements to run one in Cornwall this winter. (I'm not restricting myself to the West Country – that they're both close together is pure coincidence.)

Remember to write would also be good advice for me to follow at the moment. I'm currently away in the mobile writing retreat and let's just say I'm doing much more of the collecting inspiration part of the job than the getting words down part. Perhaps you can see why?


Niddy said...

Well done on another story in TPF, Patsy.
A mobile writing retreat sounds wonderful, lots of inspiration for new stories. Not been to many workshops but the ones I have been to have been invaluable would encourage any writer old or new to go to at least one.

Patsy said...

@ Niddy – The writing retreat is indeed wonderful (even if it does provide plenty of distractions!).

Totally agree about the workshops. I enjoy attending as well as delivering them and always learn something.