Monday, 11 June 2018

Allas newsletter

Some of you may have recieved an email from Aller media (publishers of Allas magazine) written in Swedish. I've put mine through Google translate. It seems to be about GDPR, freelance agreements (text and images - I guess it's non-fiction) something which sounds like Desknet and news of what might be a new publication, or publishing development.

I've emailed asking if there's anything fiction writers need to do differently, or any action we should take. I'll let you know when I hear back.

UPDATE – I've had a reply stating the information will be resent in English – so hopefully you'll all be getting that soon.


  1. Thanks, Patsy. I got the email and thought it was just another one of those 'do you still want to be on our mailing list?' things and deleted it!

  2. Thanks, Patsy.
    I got the email and have been wondering if it says anything important, so that's brilliant that it's going to be sent again in Emglish.
    Thanks so much for getting in touch with them

  3. So the changes and big news will soon be revealed once the new version arrives. Hope it's all good news for everyone.x

  4. Thanks so much Patsy. Very helpful xx

  5. Many thanks, Patsy. You're a Star!. Kate Hogan.

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