Monday, 15 October 2018

Over to You

Here's another monthly random photo for use as a story prompt. 

It's also your chance to share success (or otherwise) ask questions*, report any womag news, tips, advice you may have, or make womag related comments or observations. (If you have news or a question relating to a particular magazine, it's also fine to add it as a comment to the latest post for that magazine.)

*If you can answer these, please do.

What made you want to write fiction?


Penny A said...

Hi Patsy,
Why write fiction? I'm not sure I know, to be honest. Just that I've written stories ever since I could scrawl something on paper - probably not very good stories at first, but it gave me lots of practice. And I've always loved reading. These days, it's lovely to think there are some readers out there who will enjoy my stuff!
At present, I'm in the midst of a new serial for PF. It takes time, but I'm enjoying the process very much.

Thanks for the photo!

Patsy said...

@ Penny, Now I think about it I'm not really sure why I wanted to start fiction writing, Penny. It just sort of happened. (I do know why I continue though!).

Good luck with the serial.

carrie said...

I've got a few stories that Lyn At YOU is hanging or two she's been hanging onto for nearly a year. Question: do I chase and ask, politely, whether she's going to use them? Or do I keep quiet and just keep my fingers crossed I hear good news at some point?

Patsy said...

@ Carrie Personally I just wait and hope. Lynn does seem to look through them now and then and not just forget about them entirely. I have had these hanging stories accepted, sometimes quickly, sometimes after a long interval. I even had one rejected a few months later.

btw, if you decide you don't want to keep one in limbo like this, you can withdraw. She told me before that she doesn't mind authors doing that.

Geraldine Ryan said...

Patsy, I think for me, the answer to the question "Why write fiction?" has always been, "What do you mean? Doesn't everybody?"

Patsy said...

I'm almost the opposite, Geraldine. Although I've always been a keen reader, I thought books and stories were produced by special beings called authors. It took me quite a while to realise these were mostly just normal people, and even longer to cotton onto the fact that I could be one myself.

carrie said...

Thanks Patsy.