Thursday 29 November 2018

Top tip for subbing to The Weekly News

I'm very pleased to have had my story Jack and Jill accepted for The Weekly News. It will be in the 22nd December issue (possibly under a different title). I very nearly missed out though, as Shirley Blair only just spotted that it was a Christmas story in time for it to be included. 

Along with the acceptance she gave me this bit of advice, which I'm repeating here with her permission –

Top tip:  it does help if you mention if it’s for a particular season in the subject line or your email. Then it’s more likely to catch my eye in time.

Shirley is also fiction editor for The People's Friend and blogs about that, so do take a look for more writing and submission tips, plus story starter ideas.


Sharon Boothroyd said...

Well done Patsy!
I did put 'Christmas story' in the subject line for my subs to TWN, but they didn't want them (Sob!)

carrie said...

Well done Patsy! I did it for a New Year story and it got accepted (thanks Shirley!) so I do try and do that now. And if it's for any time of year, I put that too.

Patsy said...

@ Sharon – Aaaw, sorry about that, Sharon. Better luck with your next one.

@ Carrie – It's the sensible thing to Carrie. I suppose I was thinking that because they have a relatively quick turn around they'd get read in plenty of time anyway. I expect they usually do, but if putting extra information in the subject line is helpful then I'll try to remember that.

WEll done for the New Year one.

Anonymous said...

I'll have a story in that edition as well, Patsy. It's great to be there with you! (yes, thanks, Shirley x)


Rosemary Gemmell said...

Congrats, Patsy! Thanks for the reminder.

Patsy said...

@ Angie – I look forward to us being issue buddies!

@ Rosemary – thank you.

Hazel said...

Hi there, following your valuable tips I have been lucky enough to have a story accepted in The Weekly News. Apparently it should be in the current issue (May 18) Unfortunately being in Australia I can't get hold of a copy. I have some friends in London but so far they have had no luck in finding a copy.. I was wondering if there is a lovely womag writer out there who wouldn't mind picking up a copy and maybe sending me a photo/scan of my story! I sent it in under title of Magic Words but guess it might be changed. Thanks for this blog, it is so helpful. Kind regards Hazel

Patsy said...

Congratulations on the sale, Hazel!.

I've put your comment in a new post in the hope of finding someone who can help.