Friday, 8 February 2019

Not bad news!

I thought this blog was in serious need of some good news – any good news. Fortunately a copy of Ireland's Own arrived today with one of my stories in, which is good news for me. I did know it would be used, but somehow got the impression there would be a long wait, so I'm pleased it's been published so quickly.

Writing friend S. Bee has a really sweet story in the same issue. It's always nice to share an issue with someone I know.

Ireland's Own are generous in that as well as sending authors a copy of the issue their story is in, they also include another issue. Coincidentaly another friend, and member of the same critique group I and S. Bee are in, has a story in the one I got. Carrie Hewlett's story is in the children's section.

I've had replies from people at TAB and Bauer, with regards to the all rights issues I've mentioned in recent posts. So far these have just been to say they'll find out and let me know – which I'm sure they will. Of course I don't know if we'll like the answers, but they should leave us better informed.

Does anyone else have good news to share?


carrie said...

Thanks Patsy, and well done to you and S.Bee.
Be interesting as to what replies you do end up receiving with regards to Bauer and TAB.

Bubble said...

No news as such, but just found out you can buy IO as an ezine so am about to sit down and read your stories with a cuppa!

Carolb said...

Congratulations Patsy and S Bee too.

Fingers crossed that the response from Bauer Media and TAB will be better than we fear.

Patsy said...

@ Carrie – the replies I've had so far don't tell me much, but maybe that's a good thing?

@ Bubble – that's useful information for anyone wanting to study this market in order to submit to it.

@ Carol – I'm trying not to worry too much until we know for sure.

Bea Charles said...

I’m all for celebrating good news. Glad to see three of my writing friends sharing the pages together. Ireland’s Own has a lovely feel-good vibe, although it is hard to track down. I’ve not found it in my local shops.