Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Trouble in Womagland

Don't panic – there isn't a new problem. 'Trouble in Womagland' is the title of my short news piece, about recent rights issues, in Writing Magazine.

My thanks to Julie Day, Carrie Hewlett and S. Bee who allowed me to quote them as saying that due to Spirit & Destiny now taking all rights, they will no longer write for this publication. Unfortunately due to this piece being a very late addition to the magazine and needing to be cut to fit, it now reads as though they won't be submitting to TABFF. As no change to the contract terms of TABFF has been confirmed, these authors have not made such a decision. Let's hope they don't have to!

Thank you to Kathy for the photo.


Carolb said...

Well done Patsy.

Good to see this latest rights issue feature in Writing Magazine-even with the slight acronym issue.

Susan A Eames said...

Congrats on getting the article published, Patsy. I don't write for Womags, but all writers need to be aware of checking the rights of any publications they submit to.

Al Watt said...

I think I may have good news for you. The March edition of Spirit & Destiny had a full-page spread, offering readers a few hundred pounds for stories about their spiritual experiences. It’s looking like the writers’ boycott of Bauer Media might be starting to have an effect.

Patsy said...

@ Carol – The magazines do seem to realise that womag news isn't just about womag writers and can have implications for others too.

@ Susan – You're right about the rights!

@ Al – That's interesting. I've seen magazines asking for true life stories before, but usually it's just a small note tucked away at the end of a story.

It's not fiction, but still good to see writing opportunities available.

btw, they probably still take all rights, but I feel it's different for non fiction, as the same basic information can br reused in another article if it's given a different angle and incorporates new information.

Al Watt said...

They're offering up to £300,though I doubt many would see that. I still think it's maybe a sign of the writers' boycott having some impact.