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Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Spam and comment moderation.

I've been getting a lot of spam on the blog – far more of those than real comments – so I've enabled comment moderation.

I won't be moderating your replies any more than previously, simply checking that they're actual replies to the post, not someone offering any one of a range of dubious services.

When I'm out in the van* I don't get online very frequently, so there may be a delay in any comments appearing. Sorry about that.

Talking of comments, if you leave one anonymously PLEASE try to remember to give yourself a number, initial, nickname etc, so people can easily reply to you.

*the pictures are recent views 'from the office'.


Carolb said...

Lovely views from the office. :D

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Darn that spam!! Stay in the can where you belong.

Alex G said...

What makes me mad about spam is that in this day and age nothing can be done, apparently, to stop the tsunami of it. I would like to see stiff penalties for it. I'm talking prison if particularly excessive - or any clumsy attempt at blackmail. I consider it a form of harassment when persistent.

Penny A said...

Very nice photos, Patsy! We've seen lots of lovely butterflies this year.

carrie said...

Lovely photos, Patsy. Nothing much to report here; just carrying on with fingers crossed!

Patsy said...

@ Carol – I'm very lucky!

@ Alex JC – I wish it would!

@ Alex G – Tsunami is how it feels at times.

@ Penny – It's been a good butterfly year, I think.