Friday, 13 September 2019

Oustanding stories and response times.

I know I'm not alone in having had stories accepted by Woman's Weekly on the old terms, eighteen months ago, and not yet used. A month ago I asked for an update, but have not yet had a reply. Oddly even some writers who now submit stories on the new terms, but for the old pay rate, are in the same situation – including the lack of information about the older stories. It seems they're hoping that if they ignore this issue it will go away!

Take a Break have also had some of my stories for quite a time, without being either rejected or accepted. My recent query into these was answered promptly, to say that they are still under consideration, but that if I wished to withdraw them the fiction editor would understand. Slightly frustrating not to get a definite answer, but at least I know they, or the response, haven't just got lost and I'm not being ignored.

Some magazines only respond if they wish to publish the story. With The Weekly News, if you've not heard after three months it's a no. (My story in this mag last week is pictured - thanks, Carrie!) The same applies with any version of Australian magazine That's Life!, but after six months, and Woman's World after four months.

With My Weekly, there's also a four month cut-off period, but the editor also sends out new guidelines every other month and confirms that stories submitted up to a certain date have all been considered. (If you're one of those permitted to submit to My Weekly and don't get these updated guidelines, do ask to be put on the list. They're very helpful.)

The People's Friend always reply to every submission. There's more information on how they do that here. Don't be too disheartened if all you get are the standard rejections. I did too, lots of them over a long period, until I got my first acceptance with them.

South African magazine YOU also reply to all submissions, usually within three weeks. I'm told that Yours also reply – eventually!

Some other magazines don't always reply and have no definite cut of period. These include Ireland's Own and Allas. Prima don't respond to submissions / competition entries unless you're the winner.

Please not, Take a Break, That's Life! and My Weekly only accept submissions from those on their lists of approved authors. The others are open to submissions from everyone. If you'd like to know more about submitting to any magazine, click on its title below this post, or from the list in the right hand column.


Anonymous said...

Woman's Weekly want to produce the mag as cheaply as possible and that's their only priority. They don't care about old writers or new or anything else, just money.


Sharon boothroyd said...

I've had rejects from You in South Africa in a matter of days! If the fiction ed asks to hang on to a story, bear in mind that this can be up to 8 months, with no guarantee of an acceptance.

Susan Wright said...

I had a couple of rejections from Fiction Feast yesterday, Patsy, but I've still got 23 stories with them dating back to January 2018, and I'm just hoping some of them are accepted eventually. Don't want to withdraw them, but it is frustrating just waiting and waiting.

On another topic, I had a copy of the Swedish magazine Hemmets turn up in the post today with a story of mine in it that was first published in Allas just over a year ago.

Seems odd to me because I think they're both Swedish weekly magazines, but presumably they have different readers. Just wish I could have been paid for the story again rather than getting another magazine I don't understand!

niddy said...

Interesting what you say about The People's Friend. I have my own editor and have always got a response from her good or bad.However after my last submission I received a standard reject letter. I must admit I felt a little disappointed - not with the rejection but with the standard reply. I felt I'd earned my stripes by getting my own editor over the years and to be honest felt a little bit let down. Hopefully this is a oversight as i know how busy they are. But as with any other writer who is used to disappointment I have pulled myself up and hope to better better news for the other subs that are still with them.

Anonymous said...

I am in the same position as you, Susan, with stories going back to 2018 with no result. I did query these with Alice, but received no reply, so will carry on waiting I suppose.

lionsshare said...

There seems to be lots of us in the same boat regarding the backlog at Fiction Feast. I suppose this is comforting in a way but also incredibly frustrating. Also it would be lovely if they acknowledged receipt of stories - not that I'm sending any new ones over at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, I've just had a few rejections from TAB, but for the most recent stories I've sent them, so they're obviously getting on top of their recent submissions. Still got a bunch of stories from early 2018 with them, though! With regard to WW I was lucky enough to have all the stories I had with them published and paid for on the old terms and conditions. As for the moment I could do with some inspiration for story writing as I'm finding it increasingly hard to write anything worthy of acceptance or rejection!
Good wishes Kate Hogan.

Anonymous said...

I do think we're being a bit unfair about WW. They are evidently are not selling as many magazines as in the past, and do need to cut costs or go bust!

carrie said...

You at South Africa do respond really quickly - but don't give up hope if Lynn wants to hang onto one as she has done that a number of times with me and my first acceptance with them was a story that she hung onto for over a year!