Saturday 30 November 2019


Thanks to Chris Sutton who, via a comment, has supplied some ISSNs (Magazine International Standard Serial numbers, needed to claim ALCS). 

For Woman's Weekly the ISSN is 00437417 

For Woman's Weekly Fiction Specials it's 23997508 

For My Weekly, it's 0262026X 

For My Weekly Fiction Specials it's 14790475

And for The Weekly News it's 02623714 (This is now considered a newspaper and not eligible for ALCS.)

ISSNs are usually displayed somewhere in the magazine, although it's often hard to find them. If you can't and you have work in a particular mag, you could email the fiction editor and ask them for that magazine's ISSN. 

From Bernadette –

Take a Break Fiction Feast is 09530983

People's Friend is 

Writing Magazine is 09649166

From Glenda Young

The People's Friend Fiction Special 14790467 

ISSNs are often found in the bar codes, if you know how to interpret them.

If anyone adds other ISSNs and mentions them in the comments, then I'll add them to this post, hopefully providing a useful resource for us all.

Btw, I was really pleased this morning to see 13 new comments on this blog – until I realised every single one was spam! The spam is a bit annoying. Genuine comments are really appreciated. Whether they're asking questions, providing answers, encouraging me or others, even just a bit of chat, I value them all.

From Sally Jenkins –

Just filling in a DACS claim. They recommend this website for finding ISSNs. Type in the magazine title and it comes up with a list of options from around the world - we would need to look for the UK magazine.


Sherri said...

Take a Break Fiction Feast is 09530983
People's Friend is 14790461
Writing Magazine is 09649166

Patsy said...

@ Bernadette – thanks, I'll add that in.

Anonymous said...

Very useful. Thanks to all. Wondering if you could make a 'quick link' for this info so when it slides down the page it can be easily found again?


Patsy said...

@ SN – done!

There's also a 'search this blog' feature in case you're looking for anything else.

Carolb said...

Thank you, Patsy, Stephen and Bernadette for sharing this important info. I shared the post to a womag group on Facebook. Especially important as the ALCS deadline is today.

Chris Sutton said...

I didn't know that Weekly News had been re-classed as a newspaper and was no longer eligible for ALCS, that's a pain. I don't get many in there, but every little helps.

I've still heard nothing back from ALCS about this overseas payments situation. If anyone else wants to give it a go, please do, you may have more luck than me. I enquired about the 'reciprocal arrangement with overseas collecting agencies' they mention under Who Can Join on their website and whether UK writers could take advantage of it. Maybe we just can't - at least, not via ALCS.

I did, though, hear back from the Australian Copyright Agency, with the following...
'While we do manage ALCS payments for our members, the money we collect from our licences for UK authors is paid through the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA). You can contact them here regarding membership.'

So I sent an email to the CLA (it's a London based organisation) asking for more info. Again, no response as yet. If I don't hear by mid-week, then I'll try phoning instead.

I did enquire from my S African and American writer friends as to whether they had collecting agencies in their countries, but it seems not. Will keep looking.

Glenda Young said...

The People's Friend magazine is as follows:


14790469 is for the Fiction Special

Patsy said...

@ Carol – Hopefully they'll be useful to everyone, especial;;y those new to claiming ALCS.

@ Chris – Thanks for making the enquiries.

@ Glenda – thanks, I'll update the post.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this very useful info. Unfortunately, I've realised that I've used the ISSN for the PF weekly rather than the special which is what I needed. Does anyone know if this is a problem? Presumably if I need to change it then I'm too late for this year. Thanks, Holly

Chris Sutton said...

Holly, it seems that changes cannot be made to info on the ALCS website any more once it's been uploaded. You would have to email them to let them know of the mistake and give them the correct PF Special ISSN. I'm not sure if the info would still be considered for this year's payment, or the next one, but at least it will be a valid entry.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Chris. The frustrating thing is that this ISSN was given to me by ALCS!

Bubble said...

Oh this is wonderful. I struggle with this every single time! Thank you

Liz said...

Hi - I know this post is a year old, but I'm currently putting my list together, and feeling very confused.

In this post it gives ISSNs for The People's Friend and The People's Friend Special as 14790461 and 14790469 respectively.

Does this mean those mags always have the same ISSN, or does each issue have an individual one?

Patsy said...

@ Liz – It stays the same for each issue of the same title.

I'm assuming you're doing your ALCS claims. I've found them really helpful when I've been unsure of things and emailed to ask.

Liz said...

Thanks, Patsy. Yes, I'm doing the ALCS stuff. I'll be paid any money via the Australian Copyright Council but have to put together a list for ALCS.