Tuesday 10 December 2019

Writing competitions

If you like writing competitions, take a look at my other blog. Every day from last Friday until the winter solstice (at least) I'm featuring a different free to enter writing competition (short stories, poetry, novels, non-fiction etc).

Do you like writing competitions?

Ever been placed in any?


carrie said...

Thanks for the reminder, Patsy. I don't tend to enter that many writing competitions, but will defo check them out. After all, who knows? Somebody has to win!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Patsy. I'll check them out. Funny though, that although I've sold lots of stories here and abroad, I always think I'm not good enough to win a competition! Maybe I'll make it a New Year resolution to try. Thanks for the info. Good wishes. Kate Hogan.

Anonymous said...

I've entered a few competitions, but never won or been shortlisted. However, one member of our small writing group won first prize in the Winchester Festival competition for a short story a few years ago. So it can be done!
New girl on the block

Patsy said...

@ Carrie – That's my attitude.

@ Kate – You're good enoufgh!

@ New Girl – It's always nice to hear of someone we know, or know of winning and therefore being assured that such a thing really can happen.