Friday, 13 December 2019

Your Go

This month's discussion topic – If you didn't write Womag fiction, what would you do with the time you currently devote to it?

Here's another monthly random photo for use as a story prompt. 

Please share success (or otherwise!) report any womag news, tips, advice you may have, make womag related comments or observations and ask questions – and answer them too if you can help.

 (If you have news or a question relating to a particular magazine, it's also fine to add it as a comment to the latest post for that magazine.)


Sharon Boothroyd said...

I notice that Take a Break Pets mag has a fiction slot. I've emailed to ask if they'd like short story writers, but I haven't received a reply. I guess that's my answer!
That's life! (the UK mag) had a Xmas short story in their Xmas special too.

Patsy said...

@ Sharon – Thank you! Always good to hear that more fiction is being published. Even if it's not somewhere we can sub to it proves there's a demand.

Penny A said...

Hi Patsy! What would I be doing if not writing? Well, my house might be tidier for a start...!

Hope you don't mind a magazine 'plug' here.. My new PF serial begins mid-January. Can't wait to see the illustrations :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Patsy, I can only agree with, Penny. My house and garden would be in much better shape if I didn't write. I do go through periods, for various reasons, when I don't (or can't) write much at all. When this happens I have to do the things that are waiting for me all year - the cleaning, the decorating, the garden - and very long country walks, otherwise I'd go madder than I already am. Good wishes Kate Hogan

Patsy said...

@ Penny – Congratulations on the serial!

I suspect that no matter how much free time I had I'd never be properly tidy.

@ Kate – I too have periods when I don't write much, or any, new fiction. Unless it's when we're away in the van, that's when most of my gardening gets done.