Sunday, 14 February 2021

February freebies from my friends!

Happy Valentine's Day!

As I love all my blog readers (especially those who leave comments!) I'm sharing some pretty flowers and little gifts with you today.

Free writing course

Anne Rainbow is presenting a free ten week course for those who want to start writing – although knowing her there will be lots of useful stuff for those who've already made a start but got stuck and need a little help to keep going in the right direction. (Anne isn't getting paid for this and very much hopes that attendees will consider making a donation to the church, which is hosting this event.)

Free books

Fay Knowles has a collection of romantic short stories which is currently free to download.

My own collection of short stories, Not A Drop To Drink, is also free.

Mary Grand also has a free short story collection available.

If you'd like more free books to read you can find some here.

Free to enter writing competitions

I feel very friendly towards all those keyworkers who are doing their best to keep us safe, supplied with food and other essentials, and who treat those in medical need. This free entry poetry competition is intended to celebrate all such people in the UK. There's a £300 prize.

Those nice people at the Erewash Writing Group are running a free romance writing competition with a small cash prize.


Nicky L said...

Thanks for telling us about these, Patsy. It's so useful.

Fay Knowles said...

Thanks for sharing my freebie, Patsy! I really enjoyed your collection of short stories "Not a Drop to Drink". And thanks for all the great tips. My sister has written a lovely poem that would suit the poetry competition. Will forward her the link. I might have a go at the romance contest. With being intensely involved in writing my third novel, a 500 word short story would keep my hand in with short stories!

ados123 said...

Thanks as always, for sharing competitions, Patsy.
Am looking forward to some spring flowers in my garden. After two weeks of snow it's looking somewhat derelict.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's a lot of free for Valentines Day!

Natalie Aguirre said...

I love the pretty tulips. We've got months before it's warm enough for them to grow here. And thanks for letting us know about all the freebies.

Lindsay said...

I'm enjoying the spring flowers. Also the freebie stories. We're in another - hopefully brief - lockdown in Melbourne at the moment so feelgood stories are just the ticket.

Marguerite said...

What a lovely spectrum of colours from the tulips and Nelly Moser! Thank you for the books - always a bonus :)

Sandra Cox said...

All kinds of great freebies. Thanks for sharing.
Have a pleasant, productive week.

Carol said...

Thanks Patsy, much appreciated