Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Walking quickly!

Hi! How are you? 

I'm well. I think it helps that I've been on a walk of at least four miles every day this year – the photos are all things I've seen whilst doing that.

Aren't I lucky to have all this within walking distance of home?

My usual pace is slow, but I'm trying to speed up to leave time for all the other things I have going on.

There's the latest novel of course and I'm preparing for a 'generating and developing ideas' writing workshop I'll be delivering via Zoom in May, I've been asked to submit some cheerful short stories for a sort of new publication, and write a guest blog post for Pent to Print.

Work is progressing on turning two of my novels into audio books, and a lovely new cover is being created for one of those.

Others are doing the work, but there are questions to be answered and decisions to make. Once the audio books are complete, I'll have some codes for free review copies which I'll offer my newsletter subscribers.

I've been well rewarded for my efforts this week – six short story sales and some nice book reviews. The latest is for my short story collection, Coffee & Cake.

Free entry writing competitions

Pen to Print run a variety of free entry competitions, with nice prizes. If you write audio plays you might win a kindle fire as well as the chance to have yours produced. Poets and short story writers could win a tablet pc. Would be novelists can win mentorship from a professional to help get their book ready for publication. There's even a competition for photographers!

Do, as always, check the terms and conditions to check you're eligible. The Pen to Print competitions aren't aimed at established writers.

If you do have a prior record of publication you could try the BBC short story award instead. That offers a £15,000 first prize and four runner up prizes of £600.

And finally ...

Tonight's #WritingChat topic is reading and writing crime. Do join us if you can – just tweet 8-9 UK time, using the hashtag.


ados123 said...

Glad you are getting out and about, Patsy. Wish we lived nearer the sea - it will be the first place I'll visit when we're released.
Congratulations on the story successes!
Re:BBC short story award... I wish!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Good for you! Keep walking.
That's great news about the audio books.

Natalie Aguirre said...

That's great you're walking so much. Since it's been so cold, I've been riding an exercise bike this winter instead. And it's awesome that you're making progress with your writing.

Penny A said...

Good going, Patsy! Great to hear your news.

Marguerite said...

You sound so busy, Patsy! At least we have light for longer - so even more walking, perhaps!

Sandra Cox said...

Four miles a day! Way to go!
AND...lots of good info.
Take special care.

Bendywriter said...

Lockdown lethargy be gone! After employing my coping strategy of reading the morning news with academic numbness, this was uplifting. I can't pinpoint any particular sentence/para that made me feel more cheery, but I'm delighted to say that the positive whole made for a brighter start to my day. Thank you, both for the words and for hosting this community of lovely people.

Eirin Thompson said...

Your energy is inspiring, Patsy. And what beautiful pics - looks like a lovely place to live. Congrats on your story sales.

Carrie said...

Congrats on your writing successes, Patsy - I've been lucky with quite a few sales this past week too which I'm thrilled about! Well done on the walking too. Makes me wish I lived closer to the sea. Take care everyone and have a good weekend :)

Patsy said...

@ Alyson – I expect the sea will be the first place we visit too, just a different bit of it!

@ Alex – I hope to walk every day pretty much forever now.

@ Natalie – I walk really briskly for the first few minutes. That, and hat, gloves and scarves usually warm me up.

@ Penny – Thanks. Hope you're keeping well.

@ Marguerite – I like to be busy, as long as I'm not too busy!

@ Sandra – It seemed a long way when I started, but it's much easier now.

@ Bendywriter – Aaaw, thank you! You've cheered me up with your positive response to my post!

@ Eirin – It is a nice place to live. Admittedly I'm itching to get away at the moment, but I'll be pleased to come home again.

@ Carrie – Congratulations on your successes!