Tuesday 6 July 2021

Winner announcement and womag updates

The winner Eirin picked to recieve a copy of I Know I Saw Her by E D Thompson, as offered in this post is – CHARLIE. Congratulations! Please email me (address on the questions and contact page) and I'll put you in touch with Eirin to arrange delivery.

Womag news

I've recently updated my guidelines database. I hope you find this useful. As ever, if you learn of any changes, or hear of other potential markets please let me know. For those either leave a comment to any post, or email me using the address on the questions and contact page.

Yours and Yours Fiction have new guidelines, which you can find here. These guidelines explain their rejections policy. Thanks to Pamela Gough for bringing them to my attention.

For Yours the guidelines state – "We also publish longer stories that are serialised over three issues. These should be approximately 3,000 words long and the first two parts must end on a cliff-hanger so that readers will be eager to find out what happens in the next issue."

It's not clear to me if they mean 3 x 1000 words or 3 x 3000 words. Anyone know?

Susan Watson will be returning as My Weekly's fiction editor in September. Claire Gill, who covered her maternity leave, will be remaining with the magazine working on virtual events and digital content. The magazine is currently (still!) closed to unsolicited submissions.

My News

My short story collection Coffee & Cake is now available as an audiobook, as well as in paperback and ebook formats. The paperback can be ordered through your local bookshop, or library, if you prefer not to use Amazon.


Charlie said...

Omg I can’t believe I won! I can’t wait to read this as it looks great and I’ve always loved reading Eirin’s stories, she’s an inspiration to all of us. I’ll drop you an email Patsy and thank you to both of you and thank you for all you do Patsy.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks very much for all the updates, Patsy - really helpful!

Marian said...

Thanks very much for putting all this together, Patsy. These guidelines are very helpful.

ChrisC said...

Well done Charlie! Thank you Patsy for keeping us up to date in this ever changing market!

Elizabeth McGinty said...

Congratulations Charlie! And thanks to Eirin for offering her book as a prize.

Thanks also to Patsy for the guidelines update, very useful.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Audio book - that's very cool. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this update Patsy. I think I forgot to include a synopsis on my last submission to Yours, so this is a useful reminder. Sharon H

Marguerite said...

Congratulations to Charlie! Thank you for the update on the subs, Patsy - been concentrating more on competitions recently but it's so much better to get a 'thanks but no thanks' rather than - er, maybe in a year's time... or not! ;)

Eirin Thompson said...

I've ordered 'Coffee & Cake' in paperback, Patsy, and intend to use it as my coffee break reading in the mornings, so it will be a little while before I leave a review. Looking forward to it! What lovely clear new guidelines from Yours and Yours Fiction - thanks both to you and Pamela for these. Congratulations to Charlie - your book is on its way.

Patsy said...

@ Charlie – I can feel how pleased you are from here! I'm glad to have played a tiny part in giving you a nice surprise.

@ Rosemary – You're welcome.

@ Marian – I used to compile something similar just for myself and could see it would be useful to others.

@ ChrisC – nearly as changeable as the weather at times!

@ Elizabeth – Prizes are good, aren't they?

@ Alex – I like to think so.

@ Sharon – It's really easy to forget what each magazine wants. I know I've made mistakes myself.

@ Marguerite – I agree. I much prefer to know where I stand.

@ Eirin – It is nice to have clear guidelines. Thanks for buying the book. I hope you enjoy your calorie free morning piece of cake.

New girl on the block said...

Thanks so much for the Yours and Yours Fiction Guidelines. Very useful.

Susan Wright said...

Congratulations Charlie and thanks so much for the updates, Patsy.

Anonymous said...

Well done, Charlie. And thank you Patsy for the update.

Isn't this a major change by Bauer on the rights issue?

"Please note submissions for both Yours magazine and Yours Fiction are accepted on a Limited Licence Agreement. This agreement grants us the right to make editorial changes to your story but allows you to retain copyright."

Patsy said...

@ New Girl and Susan – you're welcome.

@ Anonymous – Yes, but it's not recent. https://womagwriter.blogspot.com/2019/11/great-news-from-yours-magazine.html