Friday, 19 August 2022

ALCS statements and discounted books

My books on special offer.

Three of my books are currently on special offer.  They'll be available for 99p / 99c until 23rd of August and will then go back to their regular price. 

You could get all three for slightly less than the normal price of the novel. Bargain, eh?

Family Feeling is a collection of 25 family 'related' stories.

With Love And Kisses has 25 stories each with the theme of love.

Leave Nothing But Footprints is a fun, escapist romance about photographers in a campervan. Never was a novel better researched!

If you know of any good books which are currently on offer (your own or other people's) please do let us know in the comments.

The ebook of Eirin Thompson's I Know I Saw Her has been reduced in price. See the comments for more details.

How to find your ALCS statements

Several people said they were interested in learning where their ALCS money comes from. Here's how to find some of the answers –

First log into your account and scroll down to where it says MY STATEMENTS. Select the year you're interested in.

You should then see the amount(s) you were paid (I've deleted the figures for mine) and the fact that the statement isn't ready for down load. You have the option to REQUEST STATEMENT DOWNLOAD or REQUEST STATEMENT EMAIL. Click on your preference.

The statement to download should appear almost immediately. On my computer it shows up in the bottom right hand corner. The email is fairly speedy too. In both cases you get an identical pdf. This shows the various categories for which you've earned money.

In some cases it's very detailed. For example I earned a few pennies from stories reproduced in annuals. and can easily see which ones.

The bulk of my money comes from short stories in magazines, and this is all lumped together in one figure.

I hope that helps a little bit!


Sheelagh said...

Thanks Patsy.Just bought 'Leave Nothing but Footprints' as I'm going to be on holidays next week & anticipating some damp cool weather where I'm heading so lots of time for reading I think. I particularly like the personally researched books!! The ALCS applies to UK writers only so I have nothing to add to that discussion other than to say it sounds great

Eirin said...

Thanks for the ALCS advice, Patsy. I've managed to find the breakdown you indicate, although I still don't really understand it. But what is clear is that writing short stories for magazines brings significant rewards from this source, which is wonderful. In response to your invitation to mention any of our books currently on offer, I would love to take the opportunity to promote my summer-set mystery/suspense novel, 'I Know I Saw Her' (author name E.D. Thompson, published by Hachette). So, dear womagwriters, here goes: if you like a main character in her fifties, if you enjoy a mystery/thriller with a little bit more (more warmth, more relationships, more to which to relate), plus a bit of a twist, and if you're not put off by a tiny bit of strong language, I'd be delighted if you took a look. It came out last summer, so the Kindle price has now come well down to £3.99. Thanks, Patsy! As I have a teetering pile of 'to-be-reads', I might buy 'Leave Nothing but Footprints' now, but not read it for a while. Will certainly post a review in due course.

Lindsay said...

Sheelagh in comments mentions that ALCS applies to UK writers only - but writers from overseas can get royalties on work published in UK. Mine are very small (sadly I had a coupe of works that would have been eligible before I knew about ALCS and the time limit for adding them was up) but my one womag work has produced a tiny but significant extra income via ALCS. The others in anthologies still bring in a dribble too.

Marguerite said...

Note to self: reviews! Do some! Just to let you know, blame my techno-know-not, but I am still not getting email alerts :( Not to worry, I can always check in to the blog anyway. I used to get them so something's changed - probably my end.

Sheelagh said...

Thanks for that information Lindsay, I think I just assumed that wouldn't be possible. Mine would be small but still it all adds up, I will investigate registering for same. Thanks again.

Patsy said...

@ Sheelagh – Thank you! I hope you have a great holiday and enjoy the book.

I believe ALCS can be claimed by anyone who has eligible work published in the UK, but I'm not sure of the technicalities.

@ Eirin – I'll put a link to your book in the post.

@ Lindsay – Thanks for confirming that. It's always good to get assurance that a thing is possible from someone who has done it.