Saturday 9 December 2023

Virtually saying it with flowers

Thanks to everyone for your good wishes and comments on the last post, and for the lovely virtual flowers! Sorry I'm not getting time to reply to everyone, but I do read and appreciate them all. 

Here are a few flowers in return.

btw, I changed something on my computer and can now see the adverts on this blog. Sorry, I can't avoid them. Please be VERY cautious of any of the writing ones. I definitely DO NOT endorse the companies concerned. Some might well be fine, but I saw one requesting submissions which is a well known vanity company.

Call for submissions

Thanks to Fiona (who has a story in this year's anthology) for this call for submissions to Bridge House Publishing. The authors of selected stories will get a share of the royalties and can buy books at a discounted rate.

Free entry writing competitions

This short story competition has the theme of near future manned space exploration and offers paid publication to the winner.

Here's a Valentine's poetry competition with a prize of £100 in vouchers.

Thanks to Alyson for the link to this flash fiction competition. The prize is a £50 voucher.

Thanks to Fiona for the link to this short story competition from W&AYB which offers an Arvon course, worth £850 as the prize, and also for this one. You'll need to read all the info carefully, but it looks as though they're open to almost anything creative about a particular area of Colchester – 
Submissions could be in the form of, but are not limited to, poems, riddles, local advice, anecdotes, short stories, photography with captions, short films or spoken word. There doesn't seem to be a requirement to live locally. The top prize is £300.

My news

I've not had time to work on short stories, but have made reasonable progress with my cosy crime novel series. The second book is now with my lovely beta readers. 

As part of my marketing efforts for this series, which will launch early next year, I've created a short ebook to introduce the location and some of the characters. That's available to anyone who'd like to sign up for my newsletter. If you've already had a link to download the book, then you're already signed up. (This newsletter is about my own writing – it's not an email version of this blog. Sadly I've not been able to get that working properly.)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's cool about your next cozy mystery! Be happy to spread the news when it comes out.

Marguerite said...

Congratulations, Fiona! And thank you for the links. Had a bit of an argument with the free Bridge House ebook download but I won eventually. That looks worth a go. Had a swift rejection from Witcraft - gave TPF a run for its money in turnaround time.
Pleased the cozy mystery is coming together, Patsy :)

Sheelagh said...

Thanks for all the info Patsy & Fiona, sadly I don't think there is anything there for me but its always good to know what is happening. Congrats on the Bridgehouse success Fiona, I had one in last years, a nice gathering as you say & a great excuse if one is needed to go to London, just don't expect to get rich quick on your royalties though (ha ha).
Look forward to reading your latest book Patsy, always a great read.

ados123 said...

I sent you the link to this, Patsy, but you've forgotten to include it! Free to enter - micro stories up to 100 words if anyone is interested.

Good luck with the cosy! I'm thinking of doing one as a pocket novel but I'm waiting for inspiration to strike...


Fiona said...

Thanks for the lovely flowers Patsy and glad that you’re still able to find time to write. All the best with your latest cosy mystery.
And thanks for the extra comp Alyson, might have a go!

Patsy said...

@ Alex - Thanks. I'll be in touch!

@ Marguerite – sounds like we approach technology in the same way!

@ Sheelagh – I don't think many anthologies make much money. There can be other advantages to being included though.

@ Alyson – I thought I'd already put that one up, but I've added it in to this post to be sure. I isn't the first and won't be the last time I've not been sure where I'm up to with stuff! (Normal state of affairs, although possibly worse just lately.)

@ Fiona – I'm so grateful I can still write. I enjoy visiting my fictional village of Little Mallow and even if I have to build it as I go it's a nice break from reality.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Patsy and Fiona for the info. As usual, it’s always appreciated. Glad you’re still able to find time to write, Patsy, and hope things are getting a little easier for you now.


Marian said...

Thank you for the competition news, Patsy, and thank you too for the flowers - cheery photos for this dull weather!