Saturday 11 May 2024

What do you write? (and places to send your work)

I'm interested to know genres and forms you write – please let me know in the comments, and I'll try to find suitable competitions and publication opportunities for you. I ask, because sometimes I see something which seems very niche, or is just so different from the kind of thing I write, that I wonder if it's worth posting about it. Obviously I can't promise to find something for everyone, but I can avoid dismissing an opportunity someone would have considered perfect.

Free to enter writing competitions

Thanks to Alyson for the link to this short story competition. They want  There's more info on the website to help. The prize is $3,000 plus possible publication in an anthology. If the anthology happens, writers of included work will earn a share of the royalties. Looks like anyone over 18 can enter.


Other opportunities

Thanks to Sheila Crosby for telling me about this grant for older writers of speculative fiction. (I can't say I like they way they speculate us grown up writers look, but I wouldn't mind the cash!)

There's still time to enter the competition to win a cover for your book (real or imaginary).

Linen press are looking for short stories. Women only for this one.


Sheelagh said...

Thank you Patsy for all today's info & efforts to provide even more. I take my (sun)hat off to you! I write womag fiction & non-fiction (historical articles) & occasionally travel articles.

Marguerite said...

I think you have summed it up here, Patsy: eclectic! Thank you to Alyson and Sheila. I veer to the slightly dark/supernatural but also the womag-style, comedy, as in comic situations in those genres. I wish I could get into the climate change genre as there seem to be so many green competitions around - scifi/dystopian - but I have to accept, that's not me.
By the way, Patsy, I thought you were on holiday! You seem to be generating a post every other day ;) But thank you :)

Sharon Boothroyd said...

Thanks for the updates and info.
I dabble in plays, so any opportunities around that area would be good, especially radio and audio drama or TV screenplay dramas.
I'd prefer UK projects, as I don't really write for the American market.

ados123 said...

At the moment I write mostly for the womag market but I started off writing for competitions and will never say no if something springs to mind - I'll give historical, green, and horror a go along with flash fiction.

Fiona said...

I write mainly for literary mags and competitions - and have two biggish wins that are under wraps until announced!
I do a lot of poetry, flash and short fiction with occasional womag stories.
I only got into womag because when I was a full-time carer, the Macmillan nurse insisted I had a day off, I wanted to do a writing course and the only one within travelling distance was The People’s Friend one. I then felt I should really have a go at writing a story for them (as the person sitting next to me did and was accepted within weeks!)
It took a few attempts to get published, but I enjoy writing them as a break from other genres — and I love recognising writers and reading their work that I’ve ‘got to know’ through websites like yours Patsy!

Anonymous said...

I (attempt) to write womag short stories. My favourite genre is romance, but I have enjoyed the different competitions from this blog, like ‘The Secret Life of Data’ and ‘Microbes to the Rescue’. I love the challenge of an obscure topic!
Thanks, Patsy.


Lindsay said...

Most of my stories are around relationships - family, friends. Pleased that one 600 word piece with a bit of humour was picked up by a publisher for an anthology recently. (No payment though but good exposure.) I write some historical stories but mostly contemporary.

Sue McV said...

Hi. Like many others on here it's mainly women's fiction. Published some travel articles in the past and would welcome any opportunity to do more. Thank you Patsy for all your work on our behalf

Marian said...

Thank you for all you do, Patsy. I really only write for the womag market. So far, only short stories, but I'm working on a pocket novel. I do enter some competitions to try to stretch myself, so I'm always interested to read about them.

Sarah C said...

Hi Patsy, Thanks for this blog and all the information on it. It is an invaluable source for writers. I write short fiction, historical fiction, YA and am beginning forays into fantasy and sci-fi.

I look forward to seeing what you find x

Maisie Bishop said...

I have written womag stories, some attempts at poetry,and some articles about cats. I'm now working on something longer. Themes which interest me are largely around family/generations/relationships, and I tend to write in a contemporary time frame. No sci-fi, horror or fantasy!

Maisie Bishop said...

Should have made it clear - my longer piece is fiction.

Maisie Bishop said...

Also meant to say, I joined the Zoom about pitching to publishers and agents. Thanks for that one, Patsy - picked up some interesting tips.

Ruth/Becca said...

I write short stories and serials as Becca, children's fiction as Ruth but the kind of adult fiction I love reading myself and would like to get into writing is the more speculative stuff. Thanks Patsy x