Saturday 15 June 2024

Over to you


Do you have any writing news?

Do you know any market news? Have you heard about any free to enter writing competitions? Or come across calls for submissions or other opportunities?

Are you researching, writing, subbing? Had any acceptances or rejections? Still waiting to hear back on outstanding submissions? Do you have a question? Can you offer tips or encouragement to other writers?

Any other writing related news, questions and comments are also welcome and appreciated. As well as allowing us all to share information, help and encourage each other, comments show editors, competition organisers and others that the blog is read and will therefore be more likely to answer my questions, or provide information for me to share with you.

Feel free to use these photos as picture prompts. If you'd like written writing prompts, short exercises and story/scene suggestions then you might find this book useful.

Don't forget to check the submissions database for details of which magazines publish fiction under what terms, and how to submit.


Marguerite said...

Spoiler alert: Year of ideas June 12th DNA - some VERY interesting confessions came out of a writing exercise we did our writing group😉. They loved the timed suggestions. It gave us focus. And here's a technical question: why is the blue of the sky in the photo graded? Was that done deliberately? Still awaiting a batch of replies from Andrew and April... I hope you are continuing to enjoy your break, Patsy :)

Sharon Boothroyd said...

Well done to all who have had acceptances and positive news.
Since secret attic re-launched, I haven't got anywhere in their competitions.
I'm sending a lot of work out but I'm awaiting responses.
I wrote a new poem and sent it to the yours letters page but I haven't got high hopes.
The daily mirror community page accepts poetry but they can very picky, and there's no fee.
Just a note that the next fiction feast and BOWW are both out on the 4 july- election day!

Sheelagh said...

Continuing to concentrate more on the garden than writing in my free time for now. Haven't any acceptance or rejection news to report. A bit of positive news might get me back to the laptop again. Enjoy TPF X hour on a Tues morning whenever I'm free for the same reason I love this blog. Photos are lovely Patsy thanks. Good luck to all with your writing & may you have many acceptances over the summer

Elizabeth McGinty said...

Love the photographs Patsy, hope you are getting loads of writing done in such a beautiful location.

Nothing to report on the publishing front at the moment but still writing and submitting.

I have attached a link to Paragraph Planet. As some of you will know publishes a 75 word flash fiction every day. There is no payment but it is often a useful exercise and a wee boost if you get chosen to be published.

Hope it is helpful.

ados123 said...

Thanks for keeping the blog going even while you are away, Patsy - which looks wonderful!
Nothing to report here. Some stories published but they were sold a while ago. Things seem very quiet... and like Sheelagh I'm doing more gardening than writing.

Anonymous said...

No acceptances to speak of. Sent a story to WW a month ago. Fingers are crossed but everything seems to be on a go slow atm. I’ve just returned from holiday in Turkey where I attempted to finish a Christmas story with little success. (Too hot to concentrate). Now that I’m home it’s finally coming together. Hopefully it’ll be ready to submit within the next week.

Some lovely photos there, Patsy, and thank you for keeping this blog going whilst on your travels.


Anonymous said...

No writing news, but I’m enjoying your travels via your website blog, Patsy.
I love the references to tea and cake!
The Honesty Box looked great.
Thanks as always.

Lindsay said...

I've had another acceptance of a small piece in an anthology but no luck with competitions lately.

I agree with Elizabeth about Paragraph Planet. Over the years I've had a number of paragraphs published and it really is a boost when it's all been nil responses and rejections!

Marian said...

Like Alyson, I had a publication from an acceptance a little while ago, but I haven't any new news. I have quite a few submissions out, so now I'm concentrating on preparing some stories that I can submit later.

Sharon boothroyd said...

Here's a free to enter love letters competition below: CD 31st August.

Sheelagh said...

Thanks Sharon & we have lots of time too, I kind of like the sound of that one

Anonymous said...

Hi all. Thanks for all the shared info. Be great if anyone can advise on how to check when our stories are in the PF Magazine and PF Special as I know we don't get alerted anymore. Many thanks. Kate Hogan

Sharon Boothroyd said...

I thought TPF announced their forthcoming published writers on twitter?

Sheelagh said...

They announce the weeks line up for the forthcoming week on a Tues morning on X (Twitter)

Anonymous said...