Saturday 6 July 2024

Who? When? Where?

Good morning from wherever we are now! I confess to feeling a little disconnected from reality, spending so much time in beautiful, peaceful, natural surroundings. 

We've not watched TV for six weeks and only been online for short bursts, almost all of it writing related in my case. 

Good job I didn't have a bang on the head yesterday, and need to prove I was OK by knowing the day of the week and who the prime minister is! (I do know now, and I voted by post, and I think I'm posting this on the right day, so there's probably no real cause for alarm!)

The pictures give an idea of what we've been doing (see the blog on my website if you'd like lots more detail and photos), and I have been working on my novel, as well as getting ready for the release of this one.

What have you all been up to?


Sheelagh said...

Ah no Patsy, you're actually closer to reality at this moment in time, what freedom.
Nothing much to report from here, lots of garden visitors & lots of weeding to keep on top of in my spare time so not doing much writing (or even reading) hence not much in the way of acceptances either. I enjoyed reading TPF Fiction Editor Lucy's article this week 'Five Helpful Writing Habits' & her advice to try something different in terms of writing if you always write the same type of story. Good advice and I'm going to give it a go over the summer.

Sharon boothroyd said...

Does anyone know what has happened to Secret Attic? (again?)
I entered the comps as normal in June and then the website changed.
All the details of the comps and the results pages had been removed.
I sent them an email and I had no reply.
Now the website has gone down completely.
They were charging people £24a year to access certain parts of their website.
They like chopping and changing a lot, don't they? It's a pity that they don't let their writers know when they do.

Marguerite said...

Yes, Sharon. The whole thing has now gone and morphed into: I think the whole thing of so many competitions was probably so unwieldy. Write Invite is free to enter and no subscription, one flash fiction a month, up to 1000 words.
You sound as though you are really enjoying yourself, Patsy. Glad there were no bangs on the head ;) Not much new writing happening here but I did get my second letter of the year in Writing Magazine (be nice if it was a competition win for them: I keep trying!)

Sharon boothroyd said...

Oh many thanks for the update, Marguerite!
It's very much appreciated.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sorry about the bang on your head. Looks like you are seeing a lot of nature.

Sharon Boothroyd said...

Well done to all who have received positive news.

Eirin Thompson/E.D. Thompson said...

Patsy, your travels are inspirational - I love seeing the pics and hearing your news. It looks like you're having a great time, and you must be storing up quite a stash of fresh ideas!
Belated congratulations to Ruth, for your competition success - writing can feel so lonely and isolated at times, and then news like this just lifts us up. We all thrive on encouragement, don't we? Hope this is the first of many successes.
Well done to all who have had wins or acceptances.

Patsy said...

@ Sheelagh - Yes, we do feel free.

Attempting different writing - in length, form or genre is a great idea. We'll never know if we don't try.

@ Sharon - sorry, I'm not keeping up with these things at the moment.

@ Marguerite - Thanks for the info!

@ Alex - my head is fine really, despite how things may appear!

@ Eirin, We are indeed having a great time. I don't know how much of it will end up in my writing, but I do think new experiences are good for us. And yes, encouragement makes so much difference.

Penny A said...

Hello Patsy! So nice to hear about your travels, and to enjoy the photos!

My second-ever serial made it into Large Print paperback this week. My fault it's taken a while, but all the better to see its nice flowery cover! (Linford Romance / Thorpe)
Our library says it will show it on their shelves with a special 'by a local author' tag alongside, which hasn't happened before. Thought others might like to know about this, should it be on offer.

Meanwhile, slowly onwards with serial number 5...

Happy travels!
Penny A.

Marian said...

Thanks, Marguerite, for the news about Secret Attic - I hadn't entered anything for a while and was really confused when I went looking for the website!

I'm also trying something different with my writing (a pocket novel), but it's rather slow progress just now!

Patsy said...

@ Penny - That's great news. Well done!

@ Marian – good luck with the PN.

Patsy said...

@ Penny - That's great news. Well done!

@ Marian – good luck with the PN.