Saturday, 25 July 2015

Ups and downs

Thanks to Carol Bevitt for this interesting link about magazine sales figures. Are you suprised by the results?


  1. Yes, those figures are really interesting. Much, much lower readerships than I'd have thought.

    But when you think about it, it's not really surprising that fewer people are reading magazines. Just get on any bus or train and do a bit of people-watching. What is everyone doing? Not reading print magazines, that's for sure. Most people are on their phones...

  2. You're right - it is quite unusual to see anyone reading a magazine in public.

  3. Tell you what i find odd - writers that don't purchase or support the magazines they want to be published in. Overheard a recent conversation between two 'would be' womag writers and one advised the other she NEVER purchases any of the magazines. I was a bit stunned!

    Surprised and happy to see Take A Break up there in the top magazine sales.

  4. I think that's Take a Break general mag not Fiction Feast Maria - but I did just skim through he list.

  5. TAB is listed on it's own. I think FF must be in the TAB series group. Either way, it's on the list which is good.

    Regarding buying the magazines, I know it's possible to sell without doing that but only if your natural style and content happens to be what they want. If people have been trying with no luck, reading a few current issues might show them where they're going wrong and help make the next submissions fit the editor's requirements.


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