Friday 6 October 2017

A change at The Weekly News

There's a new address for submitting stories to The Weekly News – If you've recently used the old address don't worry as that still works at the moment, but Jill would prefer you to use the new one from now on.

For details on the type of stories Jill is looking for, see here and here.


Jo said...


H.R. Bennett said...

Thanks for the tip!

Patsy said...

You're both welcome.

Anonymous said...

Just going to leave this here!

Hi All - I have some news about The Weekly News . . .
After 17 years (almost to the day) at TWN and 15 of those working with fiction, the time has come for me to move on.
Friday, January 26 will mark my final day here, before I move two floors downstairs to take up the post as Production Editor for Girls' Magazines.
Obviously - and sadly - I can't take the fiction with me, so we've been a busy lot behind the scenes the past couple of weeks coming up with a new plan! (And it's a really good one!)
As of now, should you wish to submit fiction to TWN, please send it to the following email address:
We're still as open as we ever have been for business, so all are welcome to submit.
Picking up the stories at the other end will be the fiction team from none other than The People's Friend, and they will be the ones who make the acceptances from now on.
We're quite excited about it all, as it means fiction will continue to thrive in TWN - you don't really get a better pair of hands than The People's Friend to choose the content!
So after all this time having been so brilliantly entertained by every story you've sent me, I'm saying goodbye as Fiction Editor.
Please don't be strangers and please, please all keep writing. The world is a crazy place and fiction is the best antidote to all the madness.
Thank you for all your patience shown over the years and your loyalty to TWN.
I'll miss you!

Patsy said...

Thanks. I've just heard myself.