Friday 27 December 2019

The bit in between

I hope you enjoyed Christmas and that 2020 will be a good year for all womag writers. Who knows, maybe the better events of 2019 will be repeated and another new market will open up, and another publication will drop the requirement for all rights?

Whatever happens, we can't get our stories published until we've written them. Personally I find this time of year is very productive, but if you need a little nudge to get you started, A Year Of Ideas: 365 sets of writing prompts and exercises might be helpful.

Or maybe it's that tricky part between starting to think up ideas and reaching your reader that you'd appreciate assistance with? In that case From Story Idea to Reader is the book you want – and it's currently half price!

What are your writing plans for the rest of the year?


Celia said...

Merry Christmas, Tosh and may 2020 be a good one for all writers. Plans? To turn on the computer and write SOMETHING even if it's only 'the end' in the desperate hope that thousands of words will magically appear in front of it.

Patsy said...

@ Celia – Oooh, worth a try! Happy Christmas and best wishes for the NewYear.

Anonymous said...

I've got both books - wish me luck!

Patsy said...

Very best of luck to you, Angie!