Saturday, 22 May 2021

Free entry writing competitions.

There haven't been many free entry writing competitions lately. Either that or I've not been very good at finding them. I did spot these two though.

 Secret Attic have a free to enter short story competition. There's no theme and you can even submit previously published stories. Maximum word count is 1,500. All selected stories will be published in a booklet which will be available as a hard copy and online. The best story wins a £20 Amazon voucher and hard copy of the booklet. Other contributors will receive a pdf copy.

There is a theme of family for this poetry competition. The first prize is £150 and a 'large large, bespoke commemorative plate'. 

Family is also the theme of my latest short story collections, Happy Families.

Thanks to Alyson for the link to this competition. On the Premises are offering $35 for a story of 25 to 50 words. That's a heck of a rate per word!


Marguerite said...

Thank you for these, Patsy. Secret Attic has regular challenges as well - a bit of fun. I am looking forward to reading Happy Families :)

Elizabeth McGinty said...

Thanks for sharing Patsy.

Bendywriter said...

Thank you, Patsy. I think I'll have a go at the Secret Attic drabble challenge.

Kate Blackadder said...

Thanks very much for this, Patsy. I had a family poem unplaced in another competition so I've sent it off.

Julie Day said...

Thanks for this. I might enter the Secret Attic story one with a story I have had rejected.

New girl on the block said...

I sent a previously rejected story off to Secret Attic a while back, and it was selected for publication. Good for it to find a home, even though no payment involved!

ChrisC said...

Thanks for info Patsy. Think I ll give Secret attic a go. Got to be in it to win it!

ados123 said...

Thanks Patsy.

Patsy said...

@ Marguerite – I hope you enjoy the book!

@ Elizabeth – You're welcome.

@ Bendywriter – Good luck.

@ Kate – Competitions can be very subjective. A different judge might respond very differently.

@ Julie – Worth a try!

@ New Girl – well done on the acceptance and for not giving up on the story.

@ Chris – You most certainly have!

@ Alyson – and thank you!

Mary Kirkland said...

That's very cool. I've only entered a short story once but it was published in the book and I got a copy so that was cool.

Patsy said...

@ Mary – that's a 100% success rate! well done.