Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Over To You!


Do you have any womag news?

Are you researching, writing, subbing? Had any acceptances or rejections? Any other news?

Feel free to use the as a picture prompt. If you'd like other writing prompts, short exercises and story/scene suggestions then you might find this book useful.

I'd love to hear your competition news.

Have you entered any writing comps? Had any luck? Heard about interesting contests? Got any tips to pass on? (Although I only feature free to enter competitions in my posts it's fine to share news about other competitions too.)

Do you have writing tips to share, questions to ask, or suggestions for this blog?

My news – I now have a second book available in audio format as well as paperback and ebook.


Sherri said...

Not news, other than a large amount of 'no news' which is certainly not good news!
Since the editor changes at Allas and You (South Africa) I haven't managed to sell them a single story. I get occasional responses from You rejecting or 'reserving' stories, but most hear nothing and no acceptances. With Allas apart from a standard email at the first submission it has turned into a black hole. I know they will be very busy but wondered if it was just me or if everyone is getting the same.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Second audio book - that's very cool!

ChrisC said...

I was shortlisted in a short story comp- didn t win but my story was published in their anthology. No news on any submissions, other than rejections from You and Women's Weekly. I sent a gentle email asking about a story I sent over a year ago as I d not had a response and was told to re send it. Things do seem to be moving very slowly.

Marguerite said...

I am currently enjoying the focus of a few challenges with some success - one of the top 4% of 1300 international subs for the last Furious Fiction! I was pleased :) and also selected in last week's Weekly Write for Secret Attic - no money for either, but acknowledgement - always helpful to spur you on your way.

New girl on the block said...

I love the Secret Attic Weekly Write too - and my piece was the winner a couple of weeks ago, which was a great boost!

Penny A said...

My feeling too is that many queues are moving slowly. But still, moving.

But should anyone feel like giving up (nobody here, of course :-))... have recently shared the idea that if for any reason you're ever *not* allowed to write, that's when you can't stop your head spinning with ideas like a mad washtub!!

Anonymous said...

I subbed to TPF for the first time using their new email system for unpublished authors. My story was with them for a grand total of 28 hours before it was rejected. Ouch! No feedback. Just referred back to their submission guidelines. I also have a few stories with Yours Fiction at the moment. Not holding out much hope, despite two acceptances from them last year. Thanks for supplying details re Woman’s Own/Weekly submissions, Patsy. I’ve only left one comment here before, but I do read your blog regularly and appreciate the information you give. Thank you.

Michael D

ados123 said...

Thanks as ever for all the information, Patsy.
On The Premises have another mini contest running at the moment
Sorry can't hyperlink it.

Patsy said...

@ Bernadette – I have had acceptances from Allas, but no rejections or other communications. YOU is hit and miss. There's often an acknowledgement, which doesn't seem to be automated, but not always.

@ Alex – I'm very pleased with it.

@ Chris – congratulations on the shortlisting. I agree, things are moving, but very slowly.

@ Marguerite – well done for both of those. It's nice to have any kind of response or recognition, isn't it? Although of course getting paid is good too!

@ New Girl – Congratulations!

@ Penny – yes, it seems our work is being read, but in many cases editors take a long time to get to it.

I know the spinning with ideas feeling! I'd find it very difficult not to write at all.

@ Michael – I know it seems harsh to get a rejection so quickly, but editors are very good at quickly judging if a story is right for the magazine. At TPF they have a policy of reading the whole story even if the opening doesn't seem quite right – I suspect many editors don't go beyond the first paragraph if they don't love it.

Personally I really appreciate a quick response. Or any response come to that! Never hearing back is very demoralising.

Thank you for leaving a comment to let me know the blog is of interest to you. Reader comments help me know what to post – and if there were more would help me attract interesting guest posts.

Patsy said...

@ Alyson – Thanks. Your comment came in just after I clicked 'publish'. I'll put the link in my next post.

Liz said...

No news in terms of acceptances this month, though quite a few of my stories are being published in The People's Friend at the moment.

Eirin Thompson said...

Congratulations to all those who have had successes this month. I, too, find the blog very interesting and helpful, Patsy - and I just like it as a place to drop by and make contact with other writers sharing similar experiences.

Charlie said...

No more acceptances sadly for a while now but got lots out there so keeping my fingers crossed 🤞 but congrats to those who have and thanks Pasty for everything you do for us.

Patsy said...

@ Liz – Congratulations on the publications and I hope the news is good when it does come.

@ Eirin – I love the way people are willing to share their experiences in order to help, reassure or encourage others.

@ Charlie – Same here, lots out but not getting many responses. Fingers crossed for both of us.

Liesbet said...

I'm so glad I found your blog, Patsy. Thank you for visiting my Roaming About blog (April expense report) recently, which is what led me here. I'm curious as to how you found me... :-)

I haven't submitted any work to writing contests yet, as the time investment vs. reward does not make sense to me yet and I always have other projects, paid articles, blog posts, or commitments going on. It is important for me to make money with my writing as this is my main income. One day in the near future, I hope to pick up this kind of "writing for fun," though!

Patsy said...

@ Liesbet I found you via the Ninja Captain. (I've either remembered that correctly and it makes perfect sense to you, or I haven't and you are now backing slowly away from your computer.)

Competitions can earn a writer money, but there are better ways to go about obtaining a regular income. My plan is write what I enjoy writing and make a living from it. Luckily I'm cheap to run.

Liesbet said...

Haha, Patsy. I’m cheap to run, too. My best friend and I used to joke that we are the best employees ever - we do what we are passionate about and we work for free (because we do what we are passionate about.) Now, ten years later, she runs a yacht brokerage in Grenada that actually makes money and I’m still making only $3 a day (with book sales), despite spending hours and hours promoting and writing!

You had me smile, imagining that, if I didn’t know Alex, the ninja reference might have me raise my eyebrows just a tiny bit. :-)

I followed your blog, but didn’t find a way to receive your posts in my inbox. Any thoughts?

Hazel said...

I recently sent my first story I had ever written to submit off to You S. Africa, after People's Friend rejected it.
He got back to me to say thank you and to wait 16 weeks for him to read and get feedback.
I'll not get too excited then.
I've sent it off to Atlantic and The New Yorker. Not expecting them to accept it. Be good to get feedback if I get any.