Friday, 28 May 2021

Something different

Writing isn't my only interest – I'm also a keen gardener and photographer. I've found a way to combine these into one project. There's even the possibility I could make a little money from it...

I'm publishing articles on herbs through Medium a website which delivers ad free informative articles, news stories and opinion pieces to paying readers. Visitors can read a few articles for free each month, but need to join up at a membership of $5 a month or $50 a year for unlimited access. A proportion of this money goes to the writers.

As I write articles for my local horticultural society I have a stock of pieces I can upload quickly and easily. They only allow three per day, so I'll be adding fresh content for the next fortnight at least. It's too soon yet to say if it will be worth my time to write new pieces after that – I'll update you in a couple of weeks.

The photos in this post are all ones I've used on the Medium website. Here are a few links to articles of mine –

I think this one has the best colour combination –

If there's a subject you're passionate about, or you have opinions you'd like to share, then maybe you'll be interested in writing for this, or a similar website. I'll be interested to hear which topics you'd chose if you did give this a try.


New girl on the block said...

Thank you for sharing your gardening photos and posts with us - how great to be able to combine your interests like this. I love gardening too, and I'm currently giving away plants I've grown from seed to family and friends - very satisfying.

On another note, I had a rejection email this week for a poem I sent to TPF in March 2020! It must have arrived in their office just as the first lockdown started. I'm amazed that they even looked at it! They must have a huge backlog if they're only on March 2020!

Eirin Thompson said...

Gorgeous pics, Patsy. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes with your new outlet - will be interested to hear how that develops.

ados123 said...

Good luck with the gardening articles, Patsy. Your gardens look wonderful.

Jackie Sayle said...

Good luck with this, Patsy. Site sounds interesting.

Julie Day said...

Good luck with this. Now that I can get in the garden again, I might try plants too. Or have a look at something else I can write about. Thanks for letting us know about the opportunity.

Patsy said...

@ New Girl – I started up a local plant swap group. We each offer spare plants, seeds, cuttings, divisions and even equipment to others in the group. That's been interesting and fun.

@ Eirin – I need to learn more about it. I'll report back when I get to that stage.

@ Alyson – Thanks, but although I'm using all my own photos I didn't take them all in my garden.

@ Jackie – It has potential, I think.

@ Julie – I'm not sure how lucrative it will be, but it seems worth a try.