Wednesday, 2 June 2021

In a rush...


Ooops! I nearly missed posting for the Insecure Writer's Support Group post. I'm blaming the bank holiday, the sunshine and being busy – in a good way. That's not only left me unsure what day it is, but also means I've not had time to feel insecure. 

Do you like being busy? I do, as long as I'm not too busy, but I know some people to have a period of calm after any activity or project, to prepare them for whatever is coming next.

Busy as I am, I do know it's June and will make sure I have time to stop and smell the roses. I photographed these at Mottisfont Abbey yesterday.


Womag news

Just in case you missed the news, The People's Friend are no longer accepting postal submissions (I don't think any of the magazines do now?). There's an update on what's happening with existing submissions here.

Free entry writing competition news

This competition is only open to 'underrepresented' writers in the UK. If you qualify, you're in with the chance of a prize which includes £10,000. You do need to act fast though!

This one is also only open to UK residents, and also requires that they've not previously had work published. Winning entries will recorded to form part of the stories festival and the author will get free tickets.

My news

In my last post I mentioned I'd found an outlet for some of my non-fiction pieces. I've since decided to try some fiction there too. Here's my story.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You remembered though! And it was a holiday here on Monday as well, so a lot of people were thrown.

Natalie Aguirre said...

That's great you remembered to post. I'm getting busier now that I'm vaccinated, but I don't want to get as busy as I used to be. I want to slow down and smell the roses and enjoy life and the people I care about.

Shannon Lawrence said...

I prefer to be busy, but not too busy, and unfortunately it always seems to default to too busy. We went from not having anything much on our plates to having a teen with a job (who doesn't yet have a license) and another teen with an appointment three times per week every week. Add that to everything else, and it's too busy!

Sonia Dogra said...

I like to take a break usually before the next bout of work. Happy IWSG Day!

emaginette said...

I'm like you. I like busy as long as I don't feel overwhelmed by it all.

Loved the pics. :-)

Anna from elements of emaginette

Eirin Thompson said...

My favourite kind of busy is when I have just about as much work on as I can handle, but also just exactly the right amount of energy to meet it.

Marguerite said...

Lovely roses. Busy? Sometimes I feel so busy I just stop - everything - it can all wait until tomorrow :)And if it doesn't get done tomorrow? Then it couldn't have been that important. I make time for the important things :)

Anonymous said...

Saw another of your stories - Wonderful Dream (I think) in the May Woman's Weekly Best of Fiction Special, at the shops today, Patsy. Re Busy - I always feel too busy as if I'm constantly trying to catch up with everything. It's exhausting! I haven't been bored for years though, so I guess that's good! No idea hoe you do all you do, and often wonder how I managed to go to work as well once! Good wishes. Kate Hogan.

Patsy said...

@ Alex – I feel better when it's not just me!

@ Natalie – I want to smell the roses too – literally and metaphorically. Here's hoping we both get to do that.

@ Shannon – I can see those extra transport commitments will add greatly to your business. I hope it's just a temporary situation and life gets back to a manageable level soon.

@ Sonia – I think that in the long run, breaks can make us more productive.

@ emaginette – It's al about the balance, isn't it?

@ Eirin – that's the ideal! I hope it happens often for you.

@ Marguerite – Good attitude. I'm sometimes guilty of being busy with the small stuff and leaving little time for what matters.

@ Kate – Not being bored is good, but constant exhaustion isn't. I hope you find a way to reduce the pressure soon. Thanks for letting me know about the story.