Friday 13 August 2021

A bit of an update

At time of writing, the view from the (mobile) office window, was almost exactly like this, but sunnier.

The ALCS issue, now resolved thank goodness, has slightly overshadowed other posts on this blog. In case you missed the posts on other topics...

Glenda Young has written an encouraging guest post which I think will be of interest to anyone considering taking their writing in a new direction – or to anyone who'd like to win a signed copy of one of her books.

I recently posted links to five free to enter writing competitions.

Just to clear up any possible confusion, this blog is run solely by me, Patsy Collins. I also have a Womagwriter twitter account for writing related stuff. The views expressed by me in either place are entirely my own. Those views expressed by people who write guest posts for this blog, or leave comments, are theirs. I very appreciate people leaving comments, but don't necessarily endorse all the points made. In exceptional circumstances I will remove a comment, if I feel that's the best thing to do. Thankfully that's very rare – except for obvious spam. I get plenty of that!

There are online groups and blogs connected with womag writing which you may like to join or follow. Those who run them are welcome to post links / descriptions in the comments. I am in no way connected with any of these and can take no credit nor blame for their activities. 


Bendywriter said...

Yes, lots of good things to enjoy on your blog, especially with cake and a mug of good coffee. With that in mind, you deserve a reward so I'm attempting to send you a large gateau via this mysterious path of electrons. Fingers crossed that it arrives at your computer without too many bytes missing.
I also send good wishes - nowhere near as tasty but, at least, calorie free.

Patsy said...

@ Bendywriter – Thanks. One of the twiddly chocolate bits was slightly knocked askew, but otherwise it's perfect. Great timing too as the kettle as just boiled!

Bubble said...

Yes, there's always something useful to find on here and I do very much appreciate you taking the time to keep this blog running.


Anonymous said...

@Bubble - I agree. Patsy, you do a great job

Michael D

Eirin Thompson said...

Although your pic isn't a typically summery one, and I am hoping for blue skies over the long, sandy beaches when I go on holiday to the north Antrim coast soon, I also love a more wintery seaside experience, with grey skies and crashing waves like these. I am reminded of the great John Hegley's affectionate line "I love English seaside towns, especially when they're shut". Best wishes with the blog.