Monday 9 August 2021

Busy, but... five freebies

I have lots going on at the moment*, but I've made time for this quick post to share a few free entry writing competitions.

For the Weird Christmas story competition there are several prized of $50 and one of $75 for stories of 350 words, written to the provided prompts.

The Perito prize offers £200 for 'outstanding new short fiction of between 1000 and up to 2000 words'

Thanks to Alyson for the links to both of those.

If you write audio drama you could win £3,000 through the Imison Award. There's also a Tinniswood Award for the same form. I'm unsure about the prize for that one.

The Barbellion Prize is for 'an author whose work has best represented the experience of chronic illness and/or disability'. Last year's prize was £1,000.

The Frank Moffett Mosier Fellowship for Works in Heightened Language offers $1,500 for one act plays, or $3,000 for full length works.

*The cake, as well as being rather yummy and eaten onboard a ship which was not yet in service, is a great metaphor for the way I'm packing so much into a limited time.


Marguerite said...

Weird Christmas is looking good for me - he told me I was close last year :) Thank you for the competitions as always, Patsy :)I don't mind the rainbows but I'm getting fed up with the rain that goes with them! ;)

alyson faye said...

Thanks for these Patsy, and like Marguerite I'm interested in the Weird Xmas one, I too had a near miss couple of years ago with that one

Sheelagh said...

Thanks for that Patsy

Marian said...

Thanks very much for all the information, Patsy. I'm looking forward to trying more competitions in the future.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Patsy. Much appreciated as always. The weird Christmas one does look like something a bit different. Sharon H

Bendywriter said...

Thank you, Patsy.
I, too, looked at the Weird Christmas challenge. I read the previous winning entries and, although not my usual style, they were most inventive and enjoyable.
Now, working on the principle that it's good to stretch the writing muscles with something different, I have got the coffee and have opened up a new Word doc in readiness for the workout. The trouble is, all I can think about is that Rainbow Cake and my stomach 'muscles' don't need stretching more than they have already. The resultant story might not fit the brief.