Thursday 26 August 2021

Guest post by womag writer and author Cat Lumb

Today's guest is womag writer, novelist and writing coach, Cat Lumb who has a fantastic free offer for you! (Talking of free, did you see my last post with five free to enter writing competitions?)

Have you ever felt like your writing isn't good enough - that you'll never be a 'good enough' writer to be published?

I used to be that writer.

I would hide my work in folders or notebooks and never showed anyone in case it proved that my writing was sh*t. Slowly I started to share it with friends and family, who were obviously kind and didn't want to hurt my feelings (that's the only reason they complimented me, right?). Even when I joined a writing group I thought they were just being nice to welcome me into the fold. 

I never believed I would be 'Good Enough'. 

But then I learned how to challenge these thoughts and accept that I can be good enough.

And now I've had my short stories win competitions, been published in anthologies, and even have a novel out there in the world - all of which have received positive reviews and feedback that I actually believe. 

If you want to discover that confidence, and truly understand that you *are* a good enough writer to have those dreams come true - sign up to this FREE Masterclass I'm delivering and I'll show you how. 

Believing You're a Good Enough Writer: Sat 28 Aug | 2-3pm (UK)

Can't make the Masterclass? Check out the blog I shared On Being a Good Enough Writer here for some tips:

Thanks, Cat. I'm sure many of us have at some point wondered if our writing is good enough. I certainly have. 


Elizabeth McGinty said...

Hi Cat, thanks for offering a free masterclass. Unfortunately I can't tune in on Saturday but I'll be heading over to your blog for some inspiration. I'm sure those who can attend will find it worthwhile.

Lindsay said...

That's a lovely offer. Unfortunately the timing doesn't work for me but I hope plenty of people tune in.

Marguerite said...

Thank you, Cat - I will certainly be looking up your website :) I am assuming the masterclass is in real time? Is it interactive or a watch? It sounds like a good confidence booster :)

Eirin Thompson said...

Although I'm unable to participate this weekend, I love the idea! There are lots of 'how to' resources out there full of useful writing tips and hints, but I'm not sure I've seen anything specifically targetting an absence of writing confidence, and, when you think about it, that's an absolutely essential ingredient. Very best wishes to Cat with this project, and to all who take part.

Sheelagh said...

Sadly I too will be away this weekend, making the most of the fabulous weather we are having in Ireland at the moment. I would love to get some tips though and will definitely look up your blog when I'm back.

Patsy said...

It's a shame the timing doesn't suit everyone. I know from presenting a few workshops myself how difficult it is to do that.

@ Marguerite – It will be in real time. As it's a webinar there may be the opportunity to interact in some way. I'm hoping to take part myself, so maybe see you there?

Marguerite said...

Thank you, Patsy. That's a shame. Interaction is not something I've explored yet - need to, just haven't done it yet :(

New girl on the block said...

What a shame - I've just missed the webinar! I'll check out the blog. Being 'good enough' is an interesting one. I share my writing with my writing group, but I only let my husband read stories which are accepted for publication. I guess that's because his opinion is the one which matters most to me. :)