Saturday, 21 March 2015


That's Allas the Swedish magazine, not alas I've just had another rejection (although obviously that applies pretty much all the time when you sub as often as I do)

I can't find any actual guidelines, but I've had success with stories of 1,500 words. These can be emailed to the fiction editor - lotta.gustavsson (at)

Stories are published in Swedish, but you can submit in English if you prefer.


  1. Hi Patsy - thanks for the info on Allas. I did email the editor some time ago regarding guidelines but no reply. Do they accept stories previously published in the UK? Thanks.


  2. When did you last have any success with them, Patsy? I have been looking through my emails and though I have had sales with them the last 3 time I sent anything I got ignored. Not even a reply to my request for latest submission details.

  3. I've asked for guidelines with no joy too.

    @ KH, I believe so.

    @ Geraldine, my most recent acceptance was in February. I usually get a reply, but not always.

  4. I once saw this mag. I wish I still had it. Not that I could read it :(

  5. What I really ought to do, is ask my new Swedish sister-in-law to send me a few copies, and explain to me what's in them.
    Actually, we are going to Sweden for a week in June to stay with her and my bro-in-law (and their baby who is due in May!!) so I will question her about it then and bring back a few copies. Then I can do a guest post on it for Patsy!

  6. Thanks for this information, Patsy. I have sent stories to this magazine in the past but haven't had a reply, so I deleted them from my list. With markets dwindling, it's always good to hear of new possibilities!

  7. Thanks, Patsy for this 'New to Me' market.

    I was wondering if you would mind sharing what types of stories that you've had success with getting accepted by this magazine?


    Theresa Van Meter

  8. I don't mind, Theresa but I'm not sure I'll be of much help - one was a twist ending, the other a romance.

  9. Patsy,

    Thank you for sharing this very helpful information.

    I was hoping that they had accepted a romance. It's my favorite type of story to write.

    I am overwhelmed and grateful for this wonderful blog.

    Thanks again,

  10. Hi Patsy

    Thanks for responding to my query. Would it be impolite to ask what sort of rates Allas pay when the accept a submission? Thanks. KH

  11. They pay around the same as The Weekly News, KH - in sterling, into the bank.

    (I've decided not to put exact rates of pay for any magazines as I understand some pay different rates to different authors and it could therefore be confusing or cause bad feeling)

  12. Thanks, Patsy. Yes, I know that magazines often pay different writers different rates at different stages in their writing careers, so keeping it general is a good idea. thanks again. Good wishes KH


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