Friday, 13 March 2015

Woman's Weekly.

I'm not going to tell you anything about Woman's Weekly fiction guidelines - I'll let the fiction editor, Gaynor Davies do it.

I will just add, that the fiction special can be difficult to find in shops, so you might want to ask your newsagent to order it for you, or subscribe by post.

Studying the market is something writing tutors and editors urge us to do and it's good advice. With WWFS, you get around 20 stories -so reading just a few issues should give a good insight into the kind of stories they like (plus it's very entertaining reading and if you're registered as self employed and read the magazines for research, they're tax deductible)


  1. How wonderful to hear her give out the guidelines in person!

  2. Thanks Patsy for the information. In the U.S. I found Woman's Weekly Special on Amazon-Kindle price $3.00.

    Does anyone know how I could obtain UK postage for my return envelope?

    Theresa Van Meter

  3. @ Kath - yes and nice to who we're subbing too (if we've not been lucky enough to go to one of the workshops like what I have)

    @Theresa, I believe you can buy them from our post office, but only in quite large numbers. I'll see if I can get you more info/help

  4. Theresa - buy online

  5. Thank you for sharing Patsy...

  6. Thanks for that information and glad to know that the blog has remained in safe hands.

  7. Thanks, Kath. I appreciate the information about the stamps. This is a wonderful blog.

    Thanks again Patsy for sharing information on Woman's Weekly.


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