Thursday, 26 March 2015


Yours magazine is published fortnightly, with one short story per issue. Unusually they publish poetry. There are also non fiction opportunities. The magazine offers some advice on getting your work into print here. The fiction guidelines are here. Non fiction are here.

A few things to note - They ask for a short synopsis. You may submit by post (send an sae if you'd like your manuscript back) or email. And this, "All successful submissions are accepted on an All Rights basis that gives Bauer Media exclusive copyright." (applies to fiction only)

If you sell exclusive copyright the story is no longer yours. You can't offer it to anyone else. You can't publish it yourself anywhere, not even on your blog. You can't enter it into a competition. In the unlikely event it's made into a Hollywood blockbuster you'll get nothing.

It's your decision of course, but since I've been aware they take all rights, I've not subbed them anything.

btw, if you log onto their website you'll probably have the opportunity to take part in a survey and be entered into a draw to win a iPad.

The cake isn't yours - it's all mine!


  1. No Hollywood rights? Damn! I'll just have to settle for the fee, the satisfaction of being published and seeing a handsome drawing in the magazine which will accompany my story. Do you think that perhaps they'll allow me a free seat at the movie premiere?

  2. My Mum is 83 this year and has bought 'Yours' for a long time. I always seem to find something interesting in 'Yours' when I'm at her house. I must be of a certain age.

    Thanks for the info.

  3. Oh, just digested what you've said about rights. Hmm. Does that include subbing of non fiction too?

  4. I would never sub to Yours. They don't even say how much they pay until they accept your story and when they do the sum is derisory. I withdrew one of my stories because they offered me £50 for it. I have more self-respect than to sell myself so cheaply.

  5. @ Beatrice - you could ask!

    @ Debbie - no the same thing doesn't seem to apply to non-fiction (I'll add in a link to those guidelines too)

    @Geraldine - Not punlicising rates of pay seems standard. As far as I can remember That's Life in Australia are the only magazine to include pay rates on the submission guidelines.

  6. 'not publishing' that should have said!

  7. It's sad that 'all rights' is becoming a standard term for so many publications. :(
    If you get paid more for it, then it wouldn't be as bad.

  8. Looks good,Patsy. I wish I did have something to submit, but these days, I am mostly painting and writing my blog. But I like the women's issue theme for you. I have a few ideas there.

  9. Thanks for info, Patsy, and for explaining the All Rights. Sounds like Selling your Soul! Mind you, if they`d take one of my stories...

  10. Thank you for the info, Patsy. You do deserve the cake all to yourself,just this once - as you are doing a great job with this blog. But next time you should share - it is only polite :):) All the best!

  11. @ Carol - As far as I know Yours are the only mag to take all rights. The trend is to take more rights than previously though.

    @ Dolores - maybe not quite as bad as selling your soul. More like selling one of your children perhaps.


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